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Adventures / Cruising / Voyages / Races: 


  • A German Pick-Me-Up ~ Thanking 4 German (English school teachers) for giving me a ride through Scandinavia (Oslo to Brussels) for 3 days in 1976.

  • Island Help ~ Thank you to those who assisted me prepare Mystique for its voyage northward from Sint Maarten to the Bahamas in 2103.

  • Thanking Mystique's crew ~ Thanking my crew Clint Wadsworth and Mike Jamieson for their crewing Mystique from Sint Maarten to Turks and Caicos - 2013.

  • Mooring Man-uver ~ Thanking a unknown cruiser for his help with securing a mooring.

  • Rat Cay Rescue ~ Thanking a millionaire for his assistance after Mystique ran aground.

Art with a Sea Theme:

Books & Reviews:

Blue Latitudes ~ a modern look at Captain Cook

Endurance ~ Ernest Shackleton - great South Pole expedition and survival 

Favorite Sea Stories ~ collection of sea tales I have enjoyed 

Lords of the Sea ~ Greek naval power at its pinnacle

In the Kingdom of Ice ~ the grand and terrible polar voyage of the USS Jeannette



Chartered Vacations:

Abacos ~ 2009

Belize ~ 2012

Belize ~ 2006

BVI's ~ 2004

BVI's ~ 2008

BVI's ~ 2011

Croatia ~ 2009

Grenadines  / St. Vincent ~ 2012

Maine Coastal Cruise ~ 2007 

Sint Maarten ~ 2008

Sint Maarten - Anguilla ~ 2012

Sint Maarten - St. Barts ~ 2013

Commentary / Editorials

Acceptance ~ accepting that which changes at sea

Baseless to Basecamp ~ finding a new home along the Florida coast

Captive Audience ~ response to having a Canadian crew couple onboard

Cat Like ~ It's a no brainer

Connecting Islands ~ how we are all connected

Cruising Sams ~ examples of good sailing samaritans 

Customer Assistance? ~ questionable tech support when ordering online

Do You Know Jack? ~ do we really know anything?

Going Out on a Limb ~ the complaint department is closed

Homeward Bound ~ sailing to a place called home

Invisible Sightings ~ scenes of unseen sea-ings

Leap of Faith ~ maritime marriages 

Mixing Art with Alcohol ~ the "characters" at a bar in Port Salerno, Florida

Marine Park Tax ~ a questionable tax when mooring balls are missing

Picking a Pocket ~ marine police excessive ticketing for masthead light

Reading Circumstances ~ assessing a situation in adverse weather conditions

Information Frustration ~ Shouldn't we be in the midst of an information-sharing age?

It's Not Cheap ~ making the transition to retirement on a boat

Treasure or Trash? ~ Ragged Islands hike

Our Inner Onboard Animal ~ having a pet / animal liveaboard

Program Disappearance ~ the apparent end of Sachem Head's women's sailing

Reflecting Questions ~ what is known and unknown?

Surveying Florida's Anchoring Regulations ~ is life a multiple choice question?

The 12s Still Retired? ~ Will the America's Cup ever return to using the classic 12 metres?

The Dinghy Whisperer ~ a crew member's satirical video remembrance of this skipper

Time Tidal Trials ~ the effects of co-conspirators: time and tide]

Too Cheap or Too Expensive? ~ some of my taking my boat out of The Moorings fleet

Water Fight ~ Insights into what is happening with the world's water supply

Waterfront View ~ does water offer us a clearer view of who we are?

What's in a Boat Name? ~ how boat names have meaning and significance


Captive Audience ~ response to having a Canadian crew couple onboard

Jared's Feats ~ the amazing exploits of a quiet unassuming young man

Mangrove Man ~ the talented Galen Schreck

Meeting Meg ~ my son's girlfriend

Thanking Mystique's crew ~ Thanking my crew Clint Wadsworth and Mike Jamieson.

What If Drills ~ Sonny Neff's suggestion for his crew while racing to Bermuda

Women on the Bow ~ female crew gravitating to the bow of Mystique

Epiphanies / Explorations

50 Miles for Lunch ~ discovering the beauty southeast of George Town, Grand Exuma

A Day to Treasure ~ Mystique's crew discovers a day to remember Exuma Land & Sea Park

Beach Combing Sandy ~ coming ashore at Sandy Cay, Turks

Berry Mysterious ~ A Case of Berries - Baffling Breakage and Wreckage ~ Berry Islands

Breathless ~ a 70-mile motoring over pristine waters - Ragged to Exuma Islands, Bahamas

Buena Vista Social Club  ~ an appetizing social gathering of cruisers ~ Ragged Islands

Bimini's Healing Hole ~ a guided visit to a sulfur pool deep in a mangrove ~ Bimini, Bahamas

Campy Scandi-Style ~ camping near Bodo, Norway

Caught In the Knick of Time ~ There's always a catch. 

Carpe Diem - Gratitude ~ a chance meeting with one of my brothers on the ICW

Fit to be Tide  ~ The aquarium and the short cut ~ Exumas, Bahamas

I feel like a Wreck ~ snorkeling a wreck near Bimini, Bahamas

Island-Hopping Begins ~ heading north along the Ragged Islands, Bahamas

Mystique-al Exuma Exploration ~ exploring the Exumas, Bahamas

Newbold's Dock Walk ~ discovering a skipper's physical limitations before a voyage

Pipe Dreams ~ attracted to the beauty and the challenges of Pipe Creek, Exumas, Bahamas

Playing with a Turk ~ exploring the pristine beauty of a remote island - Sandy Cay, Turks

Proving Grounds ~ discovering some lessons from running aground in the Exumas

Riding Norway's Coast ~ riding a coastal ferry from Bodo to Bergen, Norway

Spearheading ~ snorkeling and first-time spearfishing in the Ragged Islands, Bahamas 

Mayaguana Moon ~ a magnificent midnight lunar experience at Mayaguana Cay, Bahamas



Expenses / Economics / Expensive Experiences: 

$50 Bills Don't Float 

It is Not Cheap ~ Retiring to live on a boat

Keeping One's Cool

Too Cheap or Too Expensive?


Beaching Yogi ~ practicing beautiful yoga poses on scenic shores

Yoga on Deck ~ practicing beautiful yoga poses onboard a sailboat





Alice In Wonderland

A Penquin Adventure

Berry's Cat-a-Log

Father/Son Sail

Let's All Be Frank

Son Sailing

Smoking the Fleet

The White Rabbit

Tribute to My Dad

Food / Drink related:

Rum-ing to the Rescue ~ the benefits of drinking rum

50 Miles for Lunch ~ eating at Santana's in Williams Town, Grand Exuma

Sailing Sustenance ~ the sea seasons

Salt Works ~ salt lies, truths and videos

Sea Brew-Ha-Ha ~ nautical label lover

Table and Head ~ eating and expelling while sailing across the Atlantic in gale force winds

Gadgets / Gear

Energizing ~ necessity is the mother of invention - wind and sun to the rescue

Kayaking Mystique ~ crew on and off cruise control

Make Room - Bike Onboard  ~ a perfect boat present

Sailing Solar Rays ~ getting onboard with sun power

Sailing to Mars ~ Using sailing technology for space travel

Games / Festivities / Fun / Celebrations

A Bicentennial Treat in the Faroes

Crew Sightings

Playing with Kings

The Faroes 4th Festivities

Timely Arrival for two Celebrations

Helpful / Handy Info:

A Boat Inspection

Cleaning My Bottoms

Departure Checklist

Finding Crew Reviews

Making Ready

Navigating Variables 

Questions for Haul-out

What If Drills


An Ille Pinel Walkabout ~ Ille Pinel, Sint Maarten

Beach Combing Sandy ~ coming ashore at Sandy Cay, Turks

Courting Bell Rock ~ Coming ashore on Cambridge Cay and Little Bell Island

Glimpsing Paradise ~ Gazing Hawksbill Cay in the Exuma Land and Sea Park

Hiking Gunns ~ a two-week series of hikes in Acadia National Park in Maine with the Gunns

Hiking Up Their Stockings ~ lured ashore at Stocking Island, Exumas, Bahamas

Monumental Hike ~ Stocking Island, Great Exuma exploration before flight home

Short Stocking Hike ~ Windy day shore activity near Great Exuma

Treasure or Trash? ~ Hog Island, Ragged Islands, Bahamas


Human Nature:

Being Lead ~ The downside of following a leader

Carpe Diem - Gratitude ~ a chance meeting with one of my brothers on the ICW

Caught In the Knick of Time ~ there's always a catch. 

Crossing Tacks ~ close recalls of people we have crossed paths with

Death Defying ~ a tragic story with some powerful lessons

Deck Our Decks with Tidings ~ Santa guest appearances on boats

Hold On or Let Go ~ Discovering the fine lines between holding on and letting go

Jared's Feats ~ the amazing exploits of a quiet unassuming young man

Landing in Humanity ~ stranger in a beautifully strange land

Loose Lips Sink Ships ~ How what you say and how you say it can create disaster

Mid-Winter Bearings / Barings ~ the goofy tradition of skinny dipping in icy water

Misery Needs the Right Company ~ Is is easier to survive by yourself or with someone else?

My Knowing ~ Understanding oneself and knowing who you are

Never Alone Stranger ~ Being comfortable being alone

Righting Ourselves ~ Saving ourselves by ourselves

Sailing Toddlers ~ Cruising with kids onboard

Seafaring Character ~ How the sea influences our being

Sea-King Optical Answers ~ illusions or delusions?

Sea Room ~ finding sufficient room to maneuver and to anchor on the water

Self Control Freaks ~ learning curves

Surviving Whales ~ stories with whales that remind us who we are and can be

Winded ~ feeling the breeze

Women Take a Bow ~ the front of a boat is for females / women out in front

Humorous Stories:

$50 Bills Don't Float ~ a costly sudden gust of wind in Reykjavik harbor, Iceland

Left Open ~ an account and consequences of leaving a hatch open

Finding Sweet Pea ~ Harold Scott's account of a fellow hungover sailor looking for his boat 

Taking the Bait ~ jumping overboard in Maine waters

Just a Tad in or out? ~ David Perry's response to his father's concern

Mist-ified ~ tale of a foggy affair

Movements on Dry Land ~ what it was like to set foot on land in Iceland after 10 days at sea

Down the Hatch ~ falling down a hatch hurts




Cat Pauses along the ICW ~ openings & closings ~ Stuart (Port Salerno) to Miami

Carpe Diem - Gratitude ~ a chance meeting with one of my brothers on the ICW

Life Changes - ICW Solo  ~ bridges, currents and shallows, oh my!

Odd Observations on the ICW ~ first sightings of odd behavior on the Intracoastal Waterway

In Memoriam: 

Smoking the Fleet - William L. Lane - my father

Tribute to my father - William L. Lane 

Alice in Wonderland - Alice Bartlett Lane - my mother

Let's All Be Frank - Francis Bartlett - my uncle

Newbold Smith ~

Sonny Gibbons-Neff

Mitch Gibbons-Neff

Peter Gibbons-Neff


Life Lessons:

A Midget Grows Up ~ initiation into Annapolis racing world at age 14.

Sailing Helen Keller ~ learning to sail blind

Dinghy Driving Anne Lynne ~ helping Lynne help herself

Learning to Sea ~ what my eye accident taught me

Music: (composer/artist)




Sea Song Videos A~C ~

Sea Song Videos D~F ~

Sea Song Videos G~I ~

Sea Song Videos J ~

Sea Song Videos K~N ~

Sea Song Videos O~R ~

Sea Song Videos S~Z ~

Mysteries: (also see unique and unusual)

More than Blueberries on Cranberry Island ~ a sail to an enchanted island off the coast of ME

Close Encounter with an Unkind Kind ~ a close call with a shark in Berry Islands, Bahamas

Mystery Blood Drops ~ an injury to our transatlantic skipper

Slippery Acts ~ an incredible account of Mystique dragging its anchor

Act 1 - Oh, What a Drag ~ a minor no-damage accident that sparks questionable acts

Act 2 - First Response ~ how marine police, and "victim" and insurance company react

Act 3 - Estimating Bill's Iron Will ~ bogus sports fisherman's appraisal

Act 4 - Questionable Damage ~ bogus insurance company claims

Act 5 - Picking a Pocket ~ marine police excessive ticketing for masthead light

Snowing in Sint Maarten ~ a dust storm of white butterflies

Women Take a Bow ~ women crew gravitate to the front of boats




Naughty Nautical Nomenclature: 


Catching a Wave 

Hiking Out / Healing Over





Listing to Center

Pair of Docks


Relating Different Ships


Sea Change

Sea Paradoxes and Ironies







Personal Posts:  

A Fitting Passage ~ an early birthday gift

A Midget Grows Up ~ youthful lesson about being ahead in a race

Around the Next Point ~ how uncertainty leads to unveiling and understanding 

Breaking Stones ~ a successful bladder stone operation

Homeward Bound ~ finding a place to hang my hat

Hiking Out / Healing Over ~ recovery often takes a man to manly sailing pursuits

Kidney Stewed ~ discovering an incorrect diagnosis

Learning to Sea ~ adapting to the world with a different perspective

Laser Light ~ returning to the race course after an accident

Life Changes - ICW Solo ~ bridges, currents and shallows, oh my!

Questioning Unknowns ~ sailing into unchartered waters

Sachem Heading ~ teaching sailing at a small yacht club near Guilford, CT

People / Profiles

Brenna Days ~ the photogenic Brenna Schreck

Carpe Diem - Gratitude ~ a chance meeting with one of my brothers on the ICW

Father/Son Sail ~ sailing trip to the Berry Islands with Tyler Lane

Ideal Women Sailing ~ a CT yacht club's women sailors

Islands of Generosity ~ the people of the Faroe Islands

Jared's Feats ~ the amazing exploits of Jared Schreck

Mangrove Man ~ the talented Galen Schreck

Marina Mariners ~ people who sail the dock

Meeting Meg ~ Meg Herehly's first ever sailing experience

Sailing Downwind Downeast ~ Harold Scott

Tabor Boys ~ Clint Wadsworth, my prep school roommate 

The Grove's Happy Hour ~ a Floridian marine culture

Women on the Bow ~ female crew gravitating to the bow of Mystique

Women Sailing Pequot ~ a CT yacht club's women sailors

Photos Extraordinaire:

Brenna Days

Freakin' Rainbows

Going Pro Cat

Panning The Exumas 

Sandy Suns



Places / Ports:

An Ille Pinel Walkabout ~ Ille Pinel, Sint Maarten

Belizian Beauty ~ Jack's Cay, Belize, Central America

Eldey - Almost Island ~ sailing off the coast of southern Iceland

Finding the Faroes ~ Faroe Islands, North Atlantic

Great Guana Cay ~ Baker's Bay, Abaco Sound, Abacos, Bahamas

Beachcombing Sandy ~ Great Sandy Cay, Turks, north of the Dominican Republic

Islands of Generosity ~ The Faroe Islands, Northwest of Scotland

I wish I had a Waterlemon ~ Waterlemon Bay, BVIs 

Cruising North Provo ~ Little Iguana, North Caicos 

Marigot Mooring ~ Marigot, Sint Maarten

Nassau's West Bay ~ Gorgeous but Gated and Guarded ~ New Providence, Bahamas 

Newport to Newfoundland

Oslo's Kon Tiki ~ Oslo, Norway

Reindeer in Reykjavik ~ Reykjavik, Iceland

Rendezvous Bay, St. John, BVIs

Sailing Southern Iceland

Reaching Sandy - Day 9 &10 ~ Great Sandy Cay, Turks

Sky Diving ~ Tobago Cay, Grenadines

Solo Sloop Commands ~ Mt. Desert, Acadia National Park, Maine 

Sighting Norway ~ Approaching Bodo, Norway

Viking Ship Museum ~ Oslo, Norway

Visiting Volcanic Heimaey ~ Southern Iceland


Repairing Retirement to the Caribbean

Prepping for the Caribbean - It Takes a Village

Ready for a Hurricane

Racing / Rules / Tips:



Rounding the Windward Mark

Smoking the Fleet


A Penquin Adventure


Log Canoe Racing

Log Canoe LeMans Start

Racing an Albacore

Racing a 12 Metre

Rigging an Island Lark

Most Bizarre Finish Ever?

Star Gazing

Repairs / Rescue

Drying out a Reindeer ~ drying and cleaning after 10 days and 4 gales in Iceland 

Keeping One's Cool ~ getting some medical help in the Exumas proofed challenging

Making N-ice ~ refrigerator fixing at Turtle Cove

Repairing a Reindeer in Torshavn ~ fixing pulpit in the Faroe Islands after running into ferry


Reacting to Retirement

Preparing Retirement to the Caribbean

Sea Life/Nature:

A Calming Sea of Orcas ~ the sudden appearance of of this sea creatures off the Alaskan coast

Birds Fascinate ~ observing birds while crossing the Atlantic

Close Encounter of an Unkind Kind ~ a shark surprises my son and I in the Bahamas

Fit to be Tide ~ the aquarium and the shortcut 

Ocean Lovers ~ How love and the sea are similar

Ripping Bathtub ~ riptide at Bathtub Beach near Stuart, Florida

Sea Give and Takes ~ the nature of the ocean

Sea Language ~ The various ways the sea communicates and how humans hear it

Sighting Orcas and Russians ~ encountering a fishing trawler from Russia and fake Orcas

Snowing in Sint Maarten ~ white butterflies invade the island

Time Tidal Trials ~ the effects of co-conspirators: time and tide

Take It or Leave It ~ humans learning the sea's language

What Does Sea Freedom Feel Like? ~ How the sea makes sailors feel free.

Unusual / Unique: (also see Mysteries)

A 7-Hour Hove-to ~

A Green Flash Sighting ~

An Odd 24 Hours ~

Close Encounter with a Unkind Kind ~

Odd Observations on the ICW ~ 

Most Bizarre Finish Ever? ~ 125 boats finish daylong Oxford-Annapolis within 10 minutes

Log Canoes Races ~ unique sailboats racing on the eastern shore of Maryland

LeMans Style ~ start of a log canoe race from a lawn near St. Michaels, MD on the Miles River

Two Baffling Choices ~ account of two innocent, inexperienced sailing incidents

Ever Forget the Toilet Paper

Disarming Nassau ~ tale of an angry wife turning in her husband to the Nassau police

Sighting Orcas and Russians ~

Storm Headsail Changes ~

Racing a 12 Metre ~

Rigging an Island Lark

Wacky Races ~

Weather and its effects:

30-40 Foot Waves ~ tale of 3-5 days riding an Atlantic rollercoaster of consecutive gales

Cloudy Daze ~ a look at amazing clouds and how they alter a day's attitude and perspective

Energizing ~ Wind and sun to the rescue

Freakin' Rainbows ~ a collection of rainbows from Mystique's voyages

The First Gale ~ the beginning of 9 days of severe weather for Reindeer's transatlantic crew

The 4th Gale ~ the last of 9 days of severe weather for Reindeer's transatlantic crew

Raining Umbrellas ~ Being ready for the possible

Sandy Suns ~ pics of Sandy Cay's beaches in the Turks

Shifty Wind Currents ~ a look at wind patterns around the globe

Riding a Bronco ~ A day sailing from Ackley Cay to Crooked Cay in the Bahamas

Windward Ho ~ "Thar she blows."