Attention friends, fellow adventurers, nature-lovers and part sea-creatures:

 Space satellite photo of the Exumas, Bahamas

Space satellite photo of the Exumas, Bahamas

Your clicking on this blog page may demonstrate you possess, among many, two important human qualities: curiosity and wanderlust - two very essential traits for living and exploring some of your dreams. 

See if any of the following resonate with you..

  • seeking extraordinary places to vacation? 
  • escaping land living for a short time?
  • experiencing island paradises?
  • sailing to an island paradises?
  • viewing eye-opening sea and sky colors?
  • living for a week / more on a 40' catamaran
  • sharing the thrills of  a safe on-water? 
  • beach-combing idyllic sandy shores?
  • snorkeling or dive a coral reef amongst schools of tropical fish?
  • relaxing / sun-bathing aboard / ashore?
  • exploring and/or hiking exotic locations? 
  • kayak or dinghy islands, reefs, sandbars, cuts, caves,
  • fish (line or spear) reefs?
  • rest, read, sleep, "chill", "veg", "crash" in warmth and wonder?

If any or all your responses piqued your interest, read on. I have created a way we can make this adventure convenient, comfortable, safe and affordable for you as well as fair and beneficial to me. Not a charter, more a barter.

For comparison: Sunsail / Moorings ask between $6,000 - $8,000 per week to charter a 40' Leopard catamaran without a captain, cook or crew. They have over 250 of these cats in the BVIs just to show how popular they are.

  • You make all travel/flight arrangements.
  • You pay for all food and supplies at cost (US is cheapest).
  • You pre-purchase fuel (diesel, regular gas, propane at cost).
  • Mystique accommodations won't cost you anything
  • Use of dinghy, 2 kayaks, snorkeling gear is not an extra.
  • We discuss destinations and itinerary together.
  • You contribute to my boat, maintenance personal expenses (TBD).
  • You and I estimate + compensate me for preparation expenses ((TBD).
  • Other additional arrangements compensated accordingly.
  • I become your skipper and guide. See photos and my resume.

My father threw me into a sailboat when I was five so I have been sailing and cruising for close to 60 years. While I possess many nautical and sailing talents, my skills are limited by my passions. I have often discovered crew possess expertise that I do not have.  

If your talents, skills, knowledge, experience, expertise, physical abilities, resources and/or understanding overlap with my needs, we may be able to help each other even more than financial remuneration. Share them with me and we will create a Win /Win arrangement.

I discuss ways crew and skipper can co-create an incredible experience for all concerned. The cost of this experience depends upon what you request. Each experience is personalized / customized to a crew's unique circumstances (timing, location, duration, # of crew, extras. etc)

Here is a list of how crew have helped (bartered with) me in the past:

  • engine mechanics
  • electrical fixes 
  • maintenance / repairs
  • daily boat / cleaning chores
  • cooking
  • boat improvements
  • finances
  • contribute an expertise

So I ask for crew help and contributions. 

Possible Ways to Contribute:

Sponsor Yourself: 

  • Pay for your food and fuels. 
  • Assist with daily maintenance and crew chores.
  • Compensate Henry for his expenses during your time on Mystique
  • Exchange/barter your expertise and services with boat needs

Sponsor Captain:

  • Prepay Henry for Mystique's preparation and transport (TBD).
  • Pay for captain's food / cleaning expenses during time on Mystique.
  • Prepay for any nautical training or instruction.

Sponsor Mystique:

This sponsorship guarantees reservations - dates, location and duration for Mystique and Henry -You inform Henry where and when you want Mystique to meet you and any other crew - (availability and arrangements subject to previous commitments).

  • prepay captain for boat preparation, transport and marina expenses (monthly stipend - TBD)
  • contribute to ongoing boat maintenance expenses (TBD)
  • contribute to boat improvements -  i.e. additional solar panel, wind generator, sails, repairs, haulouts (TBD)
  • part / percentage ownership investment - you recoup percentage at sale. (TBD)  

Crews and Helpful Information

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