Mystique Sponsorships

 Space shot of the Exumas, Bahamas

Space shot of the Exumas, Bahamas

A barter - not a charter.

    Looking for a creative, comfortable, safe, affordable and equitable way to sail to and through paradise? 

    Check out charter companies - For example and as a reference point, in 2013 Sunsail / Moorings asked between $6,000 - $8,000 per week to charter my 40' Leopard catamaran Mystique in Sint Maarten (without a captain, cook, crew, transportation to and from your destination, hotel accomodations).

    Or you could join us... 

    What you may determine:

    • dates
    • destinations
    • duration
    • itinerary (subject to change)
    • crew as many as 6 individuals
    • travel/flight arrangements.

    What you receive...

    • Experienced seamanship and navigation
    • Mystique's accommodations
    • Use of
      • inflatable dinghy
      •  2 kayaks
      • snorkeling gear (or bring your own)
      • free cell phone battery recharging

    What you contribute...

    • Food including captain's and cook's meals
    • Meal Prep / Cleanup: You help prepare. We cook. You clean.
    • Fuel: pre-purchased diesel, regular gas, propane at a flat fee.
    • maintenance expertisepersonal expenses (TBD - duration, destination, contribution, 
    • Other additional arrangements compensated accordingly.
    • We estimate + compensate me for preparation expenses ((TBD).
    • I become your skipper and guide. See photos and my resume.

    Here is a list of how crew have contributed / bartered with me in the past:

    • cleaning chores
    • expertise (cooking, mechanical or electrical)
    • maintenance / repairs
    • boat improvements
    • hull scraping
    • seafood
    • financial compensation

    Possible Sponsorship Options:

    1. Sponsor Self: 

    • Pay for food and fuels. 
    • Assist with daily maintenance and crew chores.
    • Compensate Henry for his expertise and preparation expenses  
    • Exchange/barter your expertise and services with boat needs (TBD)

    2. Sponsor Captain:

    • Prepay Henry for Mystique's preparation and transport (TBD).
    • Pay for captain's food / cleaning expenses during time on Mystique.
    • Prepay for any nautical training or instruction.

    3. Sponsor Mystique:

    This option guarantees reservations:

    • dates, location and duration for Mystique and Henry (You inform Henry where and when you want Mystique to meet you and any other crew - (availability and arrangements subject to previous commitments).
    • prepay captain for boat preparation, transport and marina expenses (possible monthly stipend - TBD)
    • contribute to ongoing boat maintenance expenses (TBD)
    • contribute to boat improvements -  i.e. additional solar panel, wind generator, sails, repairs, haulouts (TBD)
    • part / percentage ownership investment - you recoup percentage at sale. (TBD)  

    Crews and Helpful Information

    Contact Henry