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Sailing's Karma Ship

Sailing's Karma Ship


A poorly-cleated halyard. An approaching squall.  An impulsive anchoring.  A hatch cover shut left open.  An ignored engine warning light. A mainsail left up the mast too long.  Two vessels rafted together and anchored uncomfortably close by. A dinghy bowline hastily tied to a gas dock. All these situations happened while I skippered Mystique and ALL lead to foreseen and unintended consequences.  All could have turned out differently if I had been more responsible.

At one time in my life I might have called these acts of God, works of fate or simply unfortunate occurrences. There was a time I might have dismissed each as not my fault. I might even have called them "accidents." I might have blamed them on Nature or on other people even if they had nothing to do with other humans. I might have looked for a scapegoat. When I was quite young, I might have somehow blamed my parents - something stupid like they didn't teach me enough or they had died too early. But what I finally discovered about myself was that I had not been taking enough responsibility for my choices and finally seeing how my role caused the problem.



WI once made many mistakes. One of them was I anticipated and expected a certain outcome. I cheated myself when others cheated me. But my attachment to the result taught me a hard, but valuable lesson. That I deserved what I got!henever a boat skipper takes responsibility for his choices, thoughts, intentions and actions, he probably pre-envisions the consequences approaching. He probably understands the simple rules of cause and effect. On the other hand, closed-minded captains will eventually be blindsided or sideswiped by their ignorance. Yes, while our choices determine our compass course, our personal compass needle directs our journey as well as our destination. 

Neither a she or he. neither a vessel or a being, Karma is quite the character. Part cause and part effect, she is the result of my choices.

karma is the effect of cause Karma (Sanskrit: कर्म; IPA: [ˈkərmə] ( listen); Pali: kamma; Nepali language:कर्म) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). 

karma characteristics:

  1. What goes around comes around.
  2. Less is more
  3. opposites attract
  4. what you give you receive.
  5. time heals
  6. nature refreshes and restores
  7. Truth may arrive late, but on its way
  8. What matters is what matters
  9. acceptance is what matters
  10. love conquers all
  11. Love will show the way.
  12. surrender - don't resist
  13. stand up - strengthens and delivers
  14. foregiveness fortifies
  15. reach out is its own reward
  16. Hand out help

Accepting and Assuming responsibility for our own actions takes inner strength and courage. 

 "I waited, but I knew you weren't showing

Thought maybe a miracle might appear 

Ready nowhere you would figure it out

out of your mind you would shout

finally come to common senses.

but your wound hadn't yet healed

Takes decades to wake deaden cells

may never find wellness until recognition  

your role and place in your dramatic acts

I made the mistakes you stake me for

But you have blundered in understanding

too wounded you can not apologize

so all lose at this game of Denial. 

Maybe another lifetime in touch with hurt? 

wish wellness; miracles willingness-in-waiting

I'll be gone soon so time to say good bye!

Parenting tests your life skills

Hope you pass; any makeup next lifetime!

youll know before too long your errors made








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