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Handling Our Worlds

Handling Our Worlds

A drug therapist I used to know once told me, "Sometimes there is no cause for some things."

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Scratching my head, I immediately asked him if he could provide an example.

He informed me "Some teenagers just turn to drugs for no reason."

I replied "Really?"

"Yea, they just experiment and get hooked."

Curious,  I inquired further, "You don't think they have a reason to experiment or get high? 

"No, they just do it without thinking", came his reply.

"Might they have been feeling scared, alone, insecure, depressed, peer-pressured or some other psychological reason? Might their reason be their ignorance?"

"No", came his exasperated reply.

"Why not?', I asked.

"Because those are not reasons". he replied.

"Really? So then what is a reason?"

"A reason is an explanation."

"Have you ever considered possible explanations may not be reasons for you? Maybe for him or her there was a reason you just aren’t aware of...is that possible?" I queried. 

"No", came his exasperated reply.

I was flabbergasted by his insistence to deny what to me seemed like obvious causal relationships. So I mentioned "You know Nature is a good example; it always has an explanation for weather, wind or waves."

"Oh yea, what's the reason for a cloud?"

"I think it has to do with moisture in the air. The heavier the humidity, the heavier and bigger the clouds. There is certainly a reason for rain, lightening and thunder, but just because I don't know the exact explanation, doesn't mean no reason exists. There’s an explanation for everything.

"No, there isn't."

For those who see color and see difference, I feel sorry.  For after all for some, color makes no difference. For some everything is literal - maybe the Bible is a good example...its written word is gospel to some Christians....its text while written by human beings are often considered God's words. Some can only see life as straight or crooked, safe or dangerous, understand it as good or bad, like or different, happy or sad, some believe most is either right or wrong, think real or fake, maybe only feel hot or cold.  Its their way or the highway!  

Is there an explanation for their difficulty for accepting other possibilities? The video explains and illustrates why worldviews are so ingrained and why some humans are so stubborn to accept other realities, facts or truths. the black and white is as colorful as it gets.

Answers abound for some of us. It is clear why people do, say, act, react, respond, accept or deny things for some of us.  While many don’t fit, I can understand how the choices sometimes seem so overwhelming, And while these possibilities seem as numerous as pieces of a typical jigsaw puzzle, they are not scary or threatening because they fit.  it is often too challenging to find the right answer. Because then the answer may not fit an individual’s reality. 

I am no longer amazed at the ignorance of some humans to how they experience weather, wind and waves, for example.  I wasn't that surprised at the number of boats anchored near mine that completely vanished when Hurricane Irma consumed southern Florida.  How could that happen?  Boats next to each other disappear while some remain where they were before the storm? What is amazing are the response, rationalizations, conjectures, surmises and opinions that arise. There is no shortage of speculation or inability to accept responsibility for their boat's disappearance. I have never heard an owner admit he or she didn't do enough to secure his or her craft in preparation.  What I have found is some humans can’t accept Nature the way it is.   Nature is not the way they experience life so they can't accept it.

Maybe conditioned humans need road signage to tell them what something is or what to do.   I have been with sailors who see a dark cloud in the distance and think rain and wind is coming our way.  It does not even their mind that the wind is blowing away from us and the dark cloud is floating in the opposite direction. Some have difficulty feeling the wind direction and consequently misunderstand how wind will affect a vessel.  I remember listening to some Floridian pleasure-boaters once being shocked by the huge elephantine seas when they crossed the Gulf Stream.  With the current running northward and the wind blowing southward, they were clueless about the conditions. These adults had no concept of the impact of weather on the ocean. I have crossed the Gulf when the wind and waves are in sync and smooth; it has been as calm as a pond. 


There are no streetlights in nature. No green lights that indicate it is safe to proceed. No yellow light to slow down. No red light to stop. Of course, shadow and shade changes light and our eyes and often distort our perspective.  I see this often in the Bahamas when clouds caste shadows on the turquoise water making it appear darker and more ominous. But these are illusions like mirages that most sailors would recognize in a heartbeat. Is it any surprise that many have trouble reading Nature?

Most of us are conscious and unconscious enough to recognize reality. Some of us even can differentiate between fantasy and reality.   In fact, we have been observe all opposites since we were barely a breath. Hungry (empty) or satisfied (full) certainly was an early need. Wet or dry had to be one of our first sensations. We probably let our parents know we needed a diaper change. Hot or cold? Blanket? 

When I live on my boat, I know, like most homeowners, the importance of maintenance.  Without care-taking my home, I jeopardize my well-being and safety.  A friend of mine never takes care of her laptop and then bemoans the fact that it does not work or crashes at inopportune moments.  When I ask her why she does not take care of it, she says, she has better things to do or it is too much for her to learn. This does not change her habits; she continues on and then swears at her computer for not working properly. 

Of course, how we see the world is how we handle the humanity. Whether we see the world as friendly or alien; hostile or fragile; heaven or hell, home.

How we handle our home is how we touch each other.  In the end how we save the earth is what matters most. Maybe if we could ask ourselves - "Are we caretakers or rulers of our world? and What would love do?" Can we answer truthfully?

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.35.46 AM.png

Handling our hands is really handling our heads and hearts.  It is our thoughts and feelings that we might handle better.   After all, if we don't handle our world with care, we may not have a healthy place to live. 

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