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The front swept through Dunmore Town as forecast around 4:00 in the afternoon. Glasses, dishes and table cloths upturned as the gusty, blustery guest blew through. A northerly chill and a dousing pour took the restaurant by storm. Waitresses closed windows and attendants rescued overturned poolside umbrellas. The breeze had knocked Rock House on the shore of Dunmore. Dare I write the weather rocked and rolled. May have knocked and rocked my socks off if I had been wearing them! But 70 degrees is hardly sock wearing weather.


I peered out the balcony to the cove to view my Mystique. I went to check on her and make sure she was ok. I could see her firmly anchored in the harbor near another catamaran. Yes, she had slipped in Nassau so I wanted to make sure she was ok this time. As white-caps lapped her hulls, she seemed steady and steadfast upon her chain. Aren't those qualities what we most desire from relationships? 


She has become part of me. And I her. After all, doesn't home reside in one's heart? If so, part of her lives within me. Wasn't worried, just checking on her.

I relate to many parts of Mystique. And I look after her as best I can. The engine, batteries, water, wind, current, sails, anchor, food, tools, crew, friends and family grab my attention from time to time. Now as I communicate with others I relate to and with, I realize my time and energies are divided by my choices to this numerous aspects of my life. All I relate in one way or another. Life is all about relationships. 


Of course, my many relationships onboard and around Mystique are unique to me and them. And certainly, if they were alive and well, they too would have their own point of view. They are all a part of a whole. Not some hole in some pocket, but each an entity unto itself.  And each also a piece of something greater. Isn't that what life, love and passion are all about? Parts relating to each other for the greater good.


Speaking of good! My stomach certainly related well to two fresh grouper tacos followed by a delicious slice of key lime pie at the Rock House.


And an amazing sunset the next evening!  Never gets old relating to them!


After all, relations ship their energies to those who interact and share theirs.

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