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The Thirsty Dog

The Thirsty Dog

As I was getting into my car near Marine Stadium, I looked out towards Mystique, but instead I noticed a man and his dobermain strolling the beach. Suddenly, they paused, looked at each other and the man proceeded to take out what looked like a water bottle and gave his canine a drink. By itself this seemed an insignificant act. In fact, it did not appear that unusual or odd to me until I studied and contemplated the photo of the two of them with Mystique in the background.

Maybe it was my interpretive nature to see more than a simple act of quenching a dog's thirst, but what was merely a loving gesture from man quenching his dog's thirst.

But I observed more than that; I saw them helping each other. The dog providing pure joy for his owner while his owner offered and produced relief. It was an act of consideration and satisfaction. It was not a biscuit or a bone reward for some trick or something well done. It was more than a gesture for being alive and a loyal companion. It seemed as if it were also telepathic communication between the two of them.

This simple shot was not only endearing and touching but became one of those special moments where unselfish and consideration rule. I could not help but imagine how our world could grow with that simple daily gesture - everyone helping the thirsty and needy whether they are four-legged or two.


It seemed like such a simple act, one that would not only promote goodwill, but remind us that giving love is such a simple, selfless act. What can be more sweet than absolute unconditional love?

Most civilized and conscious people know that peace and love could save the world. Hate and selfishness and greed have no place on a heavenly plain. Isn't it time to offer humanity a quenching drink of love?

The Motor Boater and the Sailor

The Motor Boater and the Sailor

Our Second Bahamian Week

Our Second Bahamian Week