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Stop Signs

Stop Signs

When we don’t read the sign up ahead, we’re likely to receive a noggin knock. “Ah, didn’t see it coming,” you say. Ah, but alas “That is no excuse...no defense,” says the law. “The sign wasn’t coming; you were!” See how backward you think? The sign was there all along posted in the ground. You saw or didn’t see the message, but it was you who decided how to proceed. Why follow a suspect sign? Blame it on the sign or your reading of the sign?

"Mam, you didn't see that stop sign? You're saying you couldn't see it because of the branches? Sorry, that's a limb excuse. Excuse my lame police humor.”

And then you say you also missed your turn? Yea, Right-a-Way Lane was back there-a-ways...right behind you a few stop signs ago. By the byway, your turn signal is still blinking right and red.

Were you aware you left that turn back when you left him? Ah, you couldn't see it or him either. Blinded by your own narrow vision. Common occurrence. No worry, happens all the time! Some minor corrective surgery and you'll be back on the road of life again.

These two grand children strapped in their car seats in the backseat yours? Precious! Have you told them where you are going? Do they have any idea how you drive them? No?

Can I see your license, Mam? Oh, this one has expired! I'm sorry, but it appears you're going nowhere fast. Spinning your wheels? You are a mother right? You must then know your rights from wrongs! But are you are certainly aware of other more motherly rights and wrongs?


May I respectfully suggest facing forward with two hands on the wheel. Might also help to turn down the volume; maybe you've been listening to husband and mother harang too long?...just asking!  Im pretty certain they mean well, but they're not always tuned into the best channel for you to make your right turns. Right now you are headed in the wrong direction; turned towards someone you don't want to be remembered as. Forgive me for being a tad bit forward, but it appears as if you don't know where you are going!  Do you?

And I see you're driving without their grand father. Where did you leave him? May I suggest keeping your eyes on the high way and stowing your emotions in your trunk? You might go back and pick him up. His time is almost up.

Seems as if I'm going to have to write you a summons - for speeding down a one-way street while improper signaling your pride. For future reference, there are no right turns down a  cul-de-sac.  

Though this isn't a ticket-able offense, Mam, you are driving a Mads-da down a dead-end street...leads to a type of road rage. There should be a fine for this emotion as it causes all kinds of messy fatalities. I'm sorry, Mam, but I'm going to have to issue you a citation requiring you to renew your driving motherhood!  I'm sure, totally common misunderstanding. Happens every day! Have yourself a better day!"

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 11.41.02 AM.png

Two too innocent to realize their mother's in justice, they sit strapped into their "safety-belted" backseats.  They have no choice so they go along for her ride.  Until the inevitable, proverbial stop sign appears at life's intersection dead ahead, then it will temporarily halt her steering.  Driven by her car of caring, she can't stop her driving madness. And her girls have no brakes - no way to catch a break to slow down their mother's driving away ways. 



Life isn't always about unobstructed, clear signs ahead. A disguised STOP can actually be a disguised go, just differently signed. Stopping suggests another beginning again  How we stop for signs we don't and can't see helps us stop ourselves before it's too late.  Making the right turns can turn our life around and that of our passengers. Sometimes we have to be stopped and ticketed to look at life differently.

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