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Ego Wakes, Sound Waves

Ego Wakes, Sound Waves

When  everything is broken, I just want you to know who I am.
— lyrics emanating from a nearby shore early Sunday morning

Written in late April 2017:

Dark outside, it's 5:30 am and a sound system speaker ashore blares music and Pandora commercials across a Sunday morning calm. While waking me and other sleep-a-boards, it’s a sponsored swimming club event preparing hundreds of contestants for their dip in the drink of a competitive event. A disc jockey raps music in the background and intermittently calls out over a loud speaker "Swim Miami" and breaks the day as the sun has yet to peek and peer over the nearby trees to the eastern horizon as well as a favorable forecast.

Along with 10-20 other live-a-boards, I too live on my boat in the Marine Stadium anchorage a couple of miles east of downtown Miami.  Here is a recreational area unrivaled in this state. A resurrected stadium awaits new venues.  A mile long, protected stretch attracts about 50-75 yachts.

I am fortunate to be living on water while most of the world lives on land. I have few reasons for complaint as I am sharing water rights with kindred spirits, but like any highly populated area, shared space comes with a price.


Anyone who grew up to an early morning sleep alarm’s loud music most likely hasn’t never known what a peaceful, natural wake-up has felt like.  

I returned to Mystique about 6:00 pm on Sunday night only to discover maybe anchored 3-4 boat lengths away a 40' inflatable "party boat" with 20+\- millennials aboard with a speaker sound system cranked so loudly that ripples formed on the water and shook my boat's glass-ware. Four and half hours later, near midnight neither sound nor distance had changed.

I guess another example of sound trespassing without any consideration for others sleeping nearby.

The ego doesn't listen to itself. It can't hear its words because it is too busy trying to be someone.

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Blessings Account

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