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Our Third Bahamian Week

Our Third Bahamian Week

Sat Feb 4 - Royal Island

Sun Feb 5 - The Glass Window Bridge to Nassau

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Anchored 1/2 mile off the Eleutherian shore, Mystique acted like an anxious racehorse at the starting gate. The wind had turned more favorably south during the early morning and was reading around 15-18 knots when I came up on deck just before dawn. A quick granola and rice milk breakfast for the two of us would get us going. I hoisted the mainsail and then Clint manned the windlass and as soon as she lifted off the bottom, Mystique reared its bows slightly and turned and sped off (galloped?) westward towards Nassau - 45 miles away. Making 8 knots on a broad reach was what she was bred (built) for. I set the autopilot and soon the Glass Window was out of sight behind us. By early afternoon the breeze moderated and by mid afternoon the wind dropped to 8-10 knots from the east with our boat speed doing only 4.  


With the Paradise Island hotel towers in the distance at around 15 miles, I decided we needed our port engine power to reach the eastern anchorage by dusk. What a sunset, made the city all ablaze. 

Mon Feb 6 - Tues Feb 7 - Nassau

After Clint dissembled the starboard engine, we lugged the heavy pieces to Marine Diesel a mile or so inland away from East Bay Street for repairs and to check on our engine part order.  The rest of these two days we spent using Starbucks wifi.

Wed Feb 8 - My 67th Birthday

I found Clint when he whistled me from the gas station convenience store just after I stopped in at Lightbourne Marine Supplies for some spray paint for the engine. Clint had walked much of Paradise Island and as he bemoaned his tired tireless legs, he said he may have been the only white person walking that northern part of Nassau where Atlantis and its Aquarium are located.


He announced he had purchased a plane ticket for Saturday so we were hoping the engine would be fixed on Thursday or Friday - wishful thinking!


Out to dinner via our dinghy to the harbor's Poop Deck (had been there two years before and recall an uninspired meal (how could it be anything but with a restaurant name such as that?...who readily answers and admits "where did you eat?" "At the Poop Deck". However, my surprisingly delightful salmon fillet with coleslaw and sweet potato fries earned a thumbs up from me. And Clint was nice enough to treat while I picked up the tip.

Thurs Feb 9 - Fri Feb 10 - Nassau

Another trek to Diesel

Marine, but the engine head not ready??? So we walked and waited some more. Now dashed hopes of the repair before Clint departs. Looking like Monday when I trek back alone...


Sat Feb 11 - Nassau - Clint's Departure

Clint to shore by 8:00 am - we say farewells at Starbucks. The engine will wait as I will until next week!

 Piece of Work

Piece of Work

Royal Island

Royal Island