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Another Einstein Dream

Another Einstein Dream

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Alan Lightman's national bestseller Einstein Dreams is about time. The author's short stories all imagine Albert Einstein imagining life as if time were experienced differently.

My time with Steven could have been one of Lightman's stories - it felt so timeless. We packed so much into our week, it was so much fun it was like a blink; almost over as soon as it began. 

Steven announced at the beginning of our sail that he saw himself as a sponge. And this was how I saw him the whole time he was onboard; soaking up and absorbing the experience with a learner's mind and an openness to the beauty and charms of the Exumas. Never bothered by any of the challenges; he seemed, in fact, in awe of the each and every experience.


Steven has an uncanny resemblance to Einstein or maybe closer to David Crosby of the rock band Crosby, Stills and Nash.  And he rocked out sharing his love of music, music food and cooking. He performed above any expectations as Master Chief and Bottle Washer as well as Entertainment Director and great conversationalist.

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People don't make time timeless; it is their perspective, attitude, outlook. energy and enthusiasm that usually change the tick of one's time clock. By the way, Daylight Savings Time occurred during our sail, but we barely gave it any notice as we were both experiencing a separate timelessness in the Bahamas.

Looking forward to your return, Rocker!

Heading Off Course

Heading Off Course

Pulling Up My Anchors

Pulling Up My Anchors