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Exhaling Time

Exhaling Time

North Bimini, Bahamas
Feb 8, 2018

 Bad hair day?

Bad hair day?

Celebrating my birthday, I became younger today.  Younger? Yes, younger!  Born in 1950? Maybe I'm comparing present life with how it used to be. Now is always everyone's present. So Celebrating the miracle of life every day! Then every breath is a gift. Feeling youthful, more vibrant, positive, innocent and accepting is about the daily present I give myself.  While I might be tooting my own horn, I'm actually not using a horn. I'm feeling hopeful and optimistic, rather than feeling some time and distance from where I am now to who I have become. Are time and distance not even age related? What about attitude? perspective? What about happiness and health? How are they measured up against time? 

Is a birthday an accomplishment? achievement? benchmark? competition? race? special day?  Is it time to roll out the band, light up the fireworks, raise up a flag, don my birth day suit and toot my own horn? Possibly! So when did a birth day ever measure feelings and maturity? How and why does age have anything to do with celebration one's self? Does a person turning 18 years old suddenly become a competent driver, responsible drinker or informed voter? 

Of course, sailing and the sea help support my celebratory inclinations.  But sailing is always more than raising a sail up a mast; it's more than sailing to a destination. It's more than a voyage. Passage, passion, pilgrimage come to mind. it's the fresh, clean airy breezes and clear water that do wonders for one's age and vitality. Passion is what makes time speed up.  We all know that feeling of “where did the time go?” Growing younger happens when one experiences and practices passion - time slows down and often disappears. We grow younger with passion. Sailing became mine.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 4.22.33 PM.png

As Lainie and I motored back to Mystique from a couple hours ashore walking around Alice Town, Bimini, she stared at me. I asked her why she was looking at me. She said I looked  happy. I told her I was.  Because it was my birthday?  Living in the moment? Sailing? Living on the water? Living a dream? Maybe all!

When I turned one, I had lived one year. When I turned two, I was one for a whole year and then woke one morning I was two. How does that work? I was 67 years old all of last year, but suddenly, when I turned 68, I had already lived 68 years. Now as I start my 69th year, time seems so nebulous to me. How does age even matter? What does time mean? 

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 4.26.16 PM.png

Six decades plus eight ago or 816 months. That’s 24,820 days I have been alive. In those I have been breathing 595,680 hours. That translates into 35,740, 800 minutes or multiplied by 30 breaths per minute a mere one trillion inhales and exhales. But who’s actually counting?  No one I know. Certainly not me! Yet when numbers are used seems like a long stay, but my time has been very short.  When compared to anything with longevity, my existence amounts to diddly-squat! Ever consider how strange numbers and age are?  When one is one year old he or she actually in one day becomes two. But when I don't consider my body age, my spirit and consciousness become timeless. It's all relative.


So to celebrate my time, I first invited Nature, Sea, Light and Dark to my party, then I realized they were already in attendance.  They needed no invite.  They were all present whether or not I paid attention to them. When one is sailing, they always show up and actually attend us. 

So how do I celebrate my birth? Pancakes soaked with real maple syrup accompanied by hot sausage was a good beginning to my day.  Followed by a short morning nap after breakfast. A few boat projects - attach a solar light to the stern and some scrapping Mystique’s hulls. Some snorkeling with Lainie in Bimini's crystal blue. Some sunning and breathing the fresh air.

Ever read Einstein's Dreams? Then you might view time as well as birthdays differently. 

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