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Lainie and her Catch

Lainie and her Catch


February 11, 2018

To record a highlight of Mystique's sail across the Bahamas' Mackie Shoal, I thought interviewing the fisherwoman onboard might be fun:

What’s your technique for catching a fish in 5 minutes?

“I put a hook in the water.”

How did you prepare?

I stocked my tackle box back in Key Biscayne. I put on my lucky olive green hat. Sunscreen. Unearthed the trolling rod. Got familiar with Rod and Reel.

What lure did you use?

The old rusty, crusty, trusty Norm. A salty sardine lure with three trident hooks.

Trolling while sailing can be challenging. Can you describe your experience?


I approach this kind of experience with a positive attitude.  It was rough seas and an adverse tide with 3-4 foot waves so I wedged myself astern so when the fish took the hook and I would be ready. I did not want to be suddenly jerked off the deck like some speck of dust in the wind. Henry was helpful as he warned me that our freezer wouldn’t hold a swordfish, tuna or wahoo.

How excited were you about about your catch?

OMG, I was so excited, I screamed “I caught a fish.  I caught a fish.” but Henry didn’t believe me. I asked him to "get the net; get the net".  He proclaimed it was probably some kelp or seaweed. "No", I exclaimed, "I know what a fish feels like." "If it is a fish, it probably just a barracuda", he predicted.


How did you know you caught an edible fish? How did you identify it?

Once he was netted, I looked it up in an onboard book entitled REEF FISH and then compared photos and read a description. I knew it was a mackerel as soon as I turned to page 32. Actually it was the first page I turned to. I knew the Divine would help me with an answer.

What happened after the fish was hauled in?

Henry said I had to take out the hook so I donned my fishing gloves, then the hook suddenly fell out of his mouth without my help. I then put my 17-inch catch in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer.  After Henry filleted it, We ate it the next night for dinner

Do you pray before you fish? If so, what do you pray for?

Yes, I always pray for the highest good. And in this case, “the holy mackerel”


You have a reputation for having spiritual views on fish.

Fish seem unique to many because most of modern society has failed to honor how ancient societies viewed “the catch” or “bounty”. Today many see fish-catching from ego. From human terms, that define all prey from human perspective. The ancients or more advanced civilizations saw fish as giving themselves. Those people imagined the fish as more than a way to feed people or bears. In essence, a fish willingly gives itself to its captor as part of a cycle. His role is to not to resist the catch though he may struggle.

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