Hello, I'm Henry.  

Welcome aboard my blog's home. 

If you come along with me, you'll become acquainted with my motley mates and faithful crew:

Experiences, Sightings, Observations, Impressions, Ideas, Reflections, Remembrances, Insights and Commentary.

They, after all, have accompanied me for as long as I can recall. Their tenure has helped me turn my tiller, fill my sails, and transport me over seas to distant lands. Maybe if you take the time to get to know them, a few will do the same for you.

Click this way and scroll along if you please...Enjoy your stay.   

Sea Companionship

Sea Companionship

“I had already found that it was not good to be alone, and so made companionship with what there was around me, sometimes with the universe and sometimes with my own insignificant self; but my books were always my friends, let fail all else.” 

~ Joshua Slocum, Sailing Alone around the World

Though some appear simple, unsightly, unsettling, unsalted or even silly, trust they portray more than name or label. While each may have questionable heritage, they all profess a lineage derived from fine stock. Though at times unruly, rude, crude and rambunctious, sometimes even surly and saucy, their behaviors often have belied their skills and talents. Yet one needs to read deeper than their mere facades’ disguises to recognize their indispensable true nature and mine as well.

If you were to come on watch with them, you would discover a friendly lot.  Though it is entirely possible if you wander below decks, a more motley crew you might encounter. A crew off-watch swigging their swill, sipping their lyrics, nibbling on nuance and high on life. Stay longer and share a pint you might witness a storm or brewery of thirst and appetites; yet another spicy telltale to stretch.

Like seawater, my crew mutterings but drops in an ocean of motions, commotions and emotions. Any old thoughts still wash ashore not as much by current events or breaking waves, but from currents of past's delusions that coupled future illusions. Not long-winded or long-lost “wonderings”, my musings tend and lend support to nature's guidance and challenge conventional wisdom. But now, they are testament to time’s passing through my ways and waves. 

If by now you have perused my decks, you would surmise they’re more than a shell collection of salty, sailing tales.  My watery-lit wanderings are but breaking waves upon a dawning beach - nature's turbulence channeled through the straits of my mind.  My posts have become my spindrift - the lacy spray flying from a stormy wave's crest. Neither spin nor drift, my musings often tend to face the light as well as the breeze.

Like most irreplaceable crews, they remain faithful and loyal not only to raise heavy anchors, trim flapping sails, tighten loose sheets and turn heavy helms, but raise my spirits as a destination on-the-go. Not random driftwoods or mindless kelp, my crew continues to float my boat; they help pilot me past life's shallows, shoals, reefs and wrecks. And it is they, I raise a mug of gratitude; it has been their collective companionship and seamanship that comprise this blogged vessel.

While their titles may at times astound, their sound is always silence. They have to be read to be known - to hear their meaning and message. Like my boat, body and being, my blog is another vessel I sail onward. Giving the pleasure and witness of my trusty companions as they sit or stand beside me. This crew is all part of my spirit; each additional post exuding another port of my voyage. No separateness; we are all one.

Pulling Up My Anchors

Pulling Up My Anchors

Sharing the Exumas with Steven

Sharing the Exumas with Steven