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Two Red Lines

Two Red Lines

Two Red lines

Two red jib sheets can't meet without a clew.
Attached to their sail, her furl awaits release.          
Held steady by a furtive forestay.                            
Taking the lead wrapped tight,              
These two connect, ease or tighten trim.


Gusty breaths life into both as they become one        
As both hang around windless days.      
Yet ready to fly open in moment's notice.    
When winched in these two unwrap,              
When let out, they release, revel and reveal.      
My vessel's forward-most seeking canvass,    
A triangular winged angel sways waves.  


To fill their port or starboard promise                    
These two suit themselves any true wind...                      
They pull both sides of any issue.          
Though as one is taut, the other slack.  
Waiting patiently their dance unwraps.          
Satisfies their yearning lying within.                  


Two sheets to the wind.
Opening apart
Joining forces
Pulling together!

Righting Ourselves

Righting Ourselves

Confusing Lines

Confusing Lines