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Boat Ready?

Boat Ready?

If your boat is staying in the water during hurricane season in the Caribbean, you obviously will want to take as many precautions as possible to protect it from gale force+ winds.

St Maarten Map.jpg

Here are the steps I took for my 40' catamaran Mystique in Oyster Pond, Sint Maarten: You can do the following yourself with the help of one or two willing family members or... 

  1. Hire a reputable local boat servicer / boat watcher. 
  2. I hired St. Martin Boat Services - Capt. Pascal Lefeuvre (recommended by The Moorings in Sint Maarten). smbspascal@yahoo.fr  1-721-690398771

Anchorage: Oyster Pond affords some above average protection from high waves and strong winds.

    1. Identify the 2-3 most common direction(s) where storm winds blow strongest.
    2. Locate a well-protected mooring as far away from other yachts as possible.


    1. 10-15 feet of secondary anchor chain (chain from your dinghy's anchor will suffice is it is long enough)
    2. 30 feet of spare line
    3. 2-4 shackles for securing lines to chain
    4. Possibly Duct tape


    1. Detach bow anchor from anchor chain.
    2. Store anchor below.
    3. Attach anchor chain to mooring ball.
    4. Attach bow bridal to secondary chain 
    5. Attach secondary chain underwater at base of the mooring ball with shackle.
    6. Attach a third line with bolted shackle attached to mooring from starboard.
    Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 2.58.20 PM.png

    Mainsail & Boom: 

    1. Remove lazy jacks. 
    2. Remove and store mainsail below. 
    3. Remove protective sail skirt for mainsail and store below. 
    4. Attach main halyard to port or starboard deck ring. 
    5. Loosen topping lift. 
    6. Tightened mainsheet so boom is as close to block to block as possible on the traveler. 
    7. Tightened topping lift. 
    8. Reinforce boom position by tying down clew with V-shaped alignment.


      1. Remove and store roller jib.
      2. Attach jib halyard to remaining deck ring on the opposite of the main halyard's bow location.


      1. Remove or store all loose items.
      2. Cover any exposed electronics.


      1. Attach and tighten the two dinghy hoisting pulleys together on the davits. 
      2. Double-check all hatch covers. Duct tape if necessary
      3. Double-check all cleated lines. 
      4. Photograph all your preparations so you can share them with your insurance company.
      Mystique barepoled.JPG
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