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White Rabbit Therapy

White Rabbit Therapy


Sunday, April 1, 2018

This morning when I attended Friends meeting for worship at the Third Haven Meeting, I felt an urge to share.   So I stood up from my pew seat and spoke briefly about an Easter memory from long ago.  As a five year old in 1965, I recalled maybe my first ever Easter egg hunt. Collecting eggs from tree trunks and bushes while filling a basket full became one of my earliest memories of Quakerism.  This Sunday worship ain't half bad. Of course, the memory probably didn't help me understand the power of silent worship, but somehow that egg-collecting experience still resonates with me more than 50 years after one of my first Friends' Meetings.

While today is the first of April, it is also April Fools Day.  And as an Easter Sunday - a Christian holiday.  I wonder how do these two days reconcile themselves? 


It's been spring officially for almost two weeks now, and society is still ever-perplexed why when this day arrives, a white rabbit is a focus of our attention. Questions like hard-boiled eggs lay uncracked. Why is a rabbit a symbol of this holiday? And why her(?) eggs and rabbits often associated with each other for the celebration of Christ's resurrection? Rabbits don't lay eggs! And what's up with hiding and hunting for decorated color-dyed hard-boiled eggs? Is this the Universe continuing to play April fools jokes on us earthlings?  

And then there is getting kids to gorge themselves on jelly beans, chocolate eggs, bunny rabbit candy and egg hunts? Is this just another example of humans fooling themselves? What about Easter and April Fools Day occuring on the same day - any significance? Are we humans once again fooling ourselves?


Whatever ever happened to meaningful conversations regarding rebirth? rites of spring? resurrection? Christ's return? symbolism of the holiday? renewal? miracles? Why is it as important or more so than Christmas? Why do we have family dinners?  Easter baskets?  Easter bonnets? Chocolate bunnies? Chocolate eggs? egg rolling contests? egg trees? How do any of these come close to the meaning of Easter? Are we so far gone as a society we only recognize the sugar-coated commercials? Do we even know why millions celebrate this day? Just ask the average person what Easter means.  My guess is the significance of the day has indeed been sugar-coated.


Is it any wonder the rabbit needs therapy? I think most of us know who needs therapy the most. Pretty sure its not Nature or a rabbit. It isn't who most of us think it is, yet it certainly isn't someone else!

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