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My Blow with Gale

My Blow with Gale

On the day before my intended return to Nassau some 30 miles away, a thirty-plus size gale descended upon me and my Mystique's anchorage in the northern Exumas. Here is my account of that morning wake-up...

March 4, 2017 - Sometime after midnight
Tea Table Cay - South of Highbourne Cay

She floated by my darkened vessel sometime in my early A.M. serenity.   Round and about some nearby coral cays her windy wisps and whirling whips invaded my peaceful space.  Her intrusion discovered me soundly asleep in my comfortable, cozy bunk down below.  

Instead of just blowing through an open portal, whispering in my ear "Wake-up, you, sleepy head" or simply leaving me all alone, she slipped in under the cover of night and under my bunked covers. Uninvited and unexpected, she passed right through me. And then she would not leave me alone for most of three days.

Insatiable wench!

Appearing out of a darkness, her invisibility whistled and howled through my rigging.  As she chilled and shivered her way down my blanketed spine, her rhythmic rocking caressed and comforted my sea sleep.  While my body was slowly waking to her insistent and persistent stroking, stoking caresses, she slowly woke my wonder.  Engulfing and directing my motions and emotions, she then took hold and possessed me for I knew not how long.  My ship stays and altered state felt her rocking back and forth.  When she entered my state room, she soon shook me and my boat stem to stern.  

As my stillness shook, my imagination felt her lapping tugs on my bows. Images swung like swaying mangos in a stiffening breeze.  My shivers ran like running rivers.  Her wild winds and whims sent and shot wave after wave into my floating bones. Her teasing toyed with me.  My dream state drifted and shifted between the bobbing up and down.  My coconut heavy head, ready and ripe to fall from its height. My boat floated between attached and adrift. Between held and released. Between separate and together.  Between connected and disconnected. Ever since the moment of her sudden arrival, her gusts rattled my cage and crib.


As I felt Mystique's hulls tug and tighten on her anchor chain and bridle, I felt her vibrate my sleep.  Her seductive sways churned and turned my body.  Her forward howls and hisses reverberated and resounded their own meaning and message. Sending me the mixed messages of possible pain and pleasure. She was holding, yet letting go.

The more she blew me and Mystique about, the more I tossed and turned. The stronger she blew, the tighter our lines and connection became.  Unrelenting and unreleasing, she continued to pull and suck my Rocna anchor deeper into her folding hardening bottom hold.  Her coral-like grip sanded while smoothing our links to her.

It didn't take long before her tender touch teased my body awake. Using her sheer force and might, she held me taut downwind.  I was bound tightly. There was no escaping her power or passion. My body being now part of her. Holding me down, she ground into me. Used me as I bounced side to side. Insatiable she won't stop. She wouldn't let me go! She wanted to play with me to her. I was her tossed salad and desert all on on her plate and palette. She hovered above me, riding my steering like the female rodeo champion she was. She wasn't letting up until her hefford as spent and she was done. She was the nypho who always asked for more. 

Wave after wave pounded my position.  As I woke, I soon realized myself tied down to her passion and energy.  While I was secure in how I had anchored the night before, a sense washed over me that I had tied myself down. Neither the wind or Mystique was letting go And the the gale was not releasing me until she was finished  bouncing me about. When she began to slap my sides, I finally opened my eyes and witnessed the dream disappear.

As I moved topsides, I checked her hold on my being and soon realized I had to face her head on.  It appeared I could still not escape her powerful surges, but after she bit me and took a chunk out of my keel, that I knew I had to move away from her influences. 

Sharing the Exumas with Steven

Sharing the Exumas with Steven

Brain Waves

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