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Brief Nassau Meets

Brief Nassau Meets

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances.”
— William Shakespeare

While I was waiting on Nassau's East Bay Street for Gus and his family to arrive, I watched cars and people pass by.  Outside the Nassau Harbor Marina drive-through an old rusty ship anchor and its chain links lay half-buried in the front lawn grass, having "weighted" much longer than I.  Across the way a homeless man waited - maybe waiting for Godot. As he had been doing (or being) almost every time I came ashore during my Bahamian four months, he sat across the southern sidewalk waiting for handouts. What fascinating contrasts - An anchor going nowhere, stuck and grounded as a lawn ornament while speeding autos zoomed by and a sedentary soul watching, waiting as life passed him by.

During my own wait, a Bahamian wearing coat and tie walked by.  He inquired why I was sitting in the hot sun. I replied "I am darkening my skin like you." He chuckled and responded, "That will take you a long time." and I said " I know."

Since my arrival, I thought of my numerous brief human encounters and observations while passing passing by me and through me while I waited in Nassau.  Of course, all of us human beings pass each others' daily doings. Part of life's entertainment.

As the only one in my audience, I realize other audiences might view a different show.  Here are some of my conversations: Short Shore Conversations. And the following characters, in the order of their temporary stage appearance, appeared upon my show:

Bernard and Roland - Austrian uncle and nephew on the way to the States to purchase supplies and get Bernard's vessel hauled before sailing the US's east coast to Canada and northwest to Alaska. Both help me rescue my anchor - Bimini Hooker

Ray - ex-Bahamian art teacher teacher, now gas dock attendant and chronic smoker. 

Ramon - 30-year old intelligent and spiritual Bahamian who worked on the glass bottom boat / half submarine came aboard Mystique while it was stuck at Brown's Gas Dock. We sat amidships and discussed spirituality for 30 minutes and 

Troy - tour boat driver - stopping for gas, he ties his tour passenger craft up to Mystique's portside and we converse and me about his plan to return with his wife and kids by living on a boat owners' yacht he attends to as captain. I tell him about my run in with the harbor patrol and he suggests I report them. Assaulting Patrol

Troubadour - suddenly appeared at Brown's gas dock in the midst of my resolving my anchor dragging situation, sang me a couple lyrics from a couple of his Bahamian ballads while standing on the dock grabbed my attention for 5. minutes and then suddenly disappeared 

Alfred - boss of local electrical shop who gas dock suggests to resolve my anchor issue at Brown's Gas dock; suggests I disconnect and release the anchor chain from Mystique and offers to retrieve anchor later that day with his helpers. He has other projects to work on, but neither communicates his plans to help me or returns to assist. 

Brad and Martin - engine mechanic team who fixed my starboard engine - after 4 separate dinghy visits over two weeks reassembled it aboard Mystique while anchored in Nassau harbor. Nassau: 4th-5th Weeks

Tiffany - helpful coordinator and manager for the Diesel Marine mechanics. Helped me locate and contact a non-diesel mechanic, John Morris to examine my windlass situation.

John Morris - mechanic met me at Rubis gas station convenience store during his lunch hour to access my windlass problem. Recommended I wait to fix it in the US.

Sidewalk Bum on the street -  reread my first paragraph above. Read some of my conversations with him on Short Shore Conversations.

70-year old Trump supporter - asked what I am doing in Nassau, then asked me if I was a liberal or conservative, and when I didn't answer, he walked away. Later that same day we again encounter each other at the Rubis Gas Station convenience store while he was eating lunch and chatting away with a couple of locals. Seems as if he might be local character playing the curmudgeon role!

Coming About

Coming About

Exuma Togetherness

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