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Sea-ing Humanity

Sea-ing Humanity

When a great sculptor depicts a human likeness, the result often captures more than a significant life moment.  With a talented chisel and hammer chipping away stone, an individual's essence can appear almost real. Carving any facial expression in rock so that it reflects a human trait or emotion is no small feat.  

Any sculptor who knows his work will only be seen by very few must have suspended personal ego in favor of the meaning of the labor.  No matter how good an individual's intentions may be, the sculptor often has lasting say about that person's humanity or lack thereof.  This longevity is so fascinating to me. But even more so is when the sculptor leaves behind his legacy so nature may add some finishing touches.  Nature is an amazing artist and sculptor, but when humans work in concert with it,  they can co-create some truly inspirational, meaningful and memorable human emotion. Ah, the sea's life forming more meaningful human forms. Ocean motions revealing and then sealing human emotions for eternity?  

Here I have collected photos of underwater sculptures that depict humanity where few can see...at the bottom of the sea. Why there one might wonder?  Maybe to commemorate where so many lost their lives prematurely. Maybe to somehow to keep their memory or their souls alive where they were lost.

Can you read the sculptor's intentions
without any help from captions or labels?

Sculpture is meant to be viewed, but few of humanity will ever dive to the depths to experience these art works and their meaning. Thanks goodness for underwater photography.

Nature is an artist. She paints the skies and seas every day with her brush strokes.  Seas lure people to float, swim and explore above and below.  Ever since the beginning of humanity, seas have also consumed lives.  

But in some places around the world the sea preserves human memory.  The sea has become a humans have commemorated human existence sculptures have been placed and positioned in places where people can view Depth eath is associated with the seaAnd it will be where many more finish their bodily existence on earth, but what is amazing is underwater art commemorating humanity struggle, if not

When art and sculpture evoke emotion, it tells a human tale. Usually a sculptor wants to send a powerful message about humanity or inhumanity.  

Down the Hatch

Down the Hatch

Outgrowing Ourselves

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