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Returning to ALWAYS

Two weeks ago when Lainie and I departed frigid Maryland in mid-January, the landscape below appeared frozen as in space and time.  The Potomac River, a prominent divider of two states, filled with floating ice chunks became part of an aerial mosaic - almost as if designed for our viewing pleasure.  Our flight from cold to warm began to thaw our thoughts so our feelings could float more freely. Mine first wandered to the beauty of a Mid-Atlantic river from above in the dead of winter.  It was art to me. But quickly images soared into my thoughts. Flying south to Miami began to warm my thoughts to what often seems constant from afar, but is always altered - the sea!


The Bahamanian waters beckoned. It was there last I sailed. Of course, they have always been there. Yet they may seem the same in my memory, much has happened since last year. Two hurricanes, heavy rains, torrential winds, months of sunbaking rays and cyclical evaporation.  In the time I have been away, the islands may have actually moved much like the sea‘s tides and currents erode and wash the hardest coral.  Waters are are constantly expanding - ice melting, water level rising. More untrapped water, less shore, more room for fish, less space for humans!


When an audience watches a film, they often suspend their belief system because what they see projected onto a screen isn’t real; it isn’t alive. Maybe it’s animated. Scripted. Staged.


Neverland isnt a place on Earth. It’s neither land or solid, so somewhere but nowhere between sea or sky. Nope, it isn’t anywhere at all.  It is after all an idea, a concept somewhere beyond and above.  It situates itself in one’s dreams and imagination - where souls stay perpetually young at heart. While souls never grow up based on society’s standards, they keep their spirit untarnished by adult nonsense.  Their innocence and vitality remains vital to their survival. So they sail on the winds and wings of light and lively. Step lively there, matey!

When spoken or heard “always” sounds and also means “all ways”. I was speaking to a bank representative the other day and he said a certain policy has always been in place. I asked him if the policy were in place before the bank existed. He said it’s been that way.

“Really? Since the beginning of time there was always a bank policy to have an expiration date for one’s debit card?” I asked.

“Yes”, he replied.

 A fantasy floor before us at the airport terminal where we started our flight to Neverland.

A fantasy floor before us at the airport terminal where we started our flight to Neverland.


But these ALWAYS answers are Neverland lies.  They make no sense / cents to those whose flight is fancy and fantasy.



Color Commentary

Color Commentary