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Nassau: 4th-5th Weeks

Nassau: 4th-5th Weeks


Rather than record what happened day by day, I thought a condensed capsulizing might depict these two weeks more accurately. What it was planned to be or supposed to be wasn't anywhere close to what it became. I wasn't waiting in Nassau to leave; I was preparing to depart. There is a subtle difference between the two perspectives, but enough to make a big difference in the quality of my days.


The first approach might have been exasperating due to delays and unforeseen circumstances, so instead I chose to see this time anchored in the harbor as part of the adventure.  And it became just that.


While Mystique lay at anchor at the eastern end of Nassau harbor getting her starboard engine repaired, I lost total track of time. When she was finally ready to sail, two weeks had passed since Clint's departure. I had anticipated "getting out of Dodge"  maybe Monday or Tuesday after he left.


While all indicators suggested "things" would be ready, but the Universe had other plans. The mechanics had notified Clint and I that Monday they would have the engine back together. But Monday was a no-show. Tuesday I brought them out to Mystique by dinghy, but my outboard engine battery had died the day before. A kind and thoughtful Canadian cruiser at anchor near Mystique offered to tow the two of us ashore. Surely the mechanics would diagnose the problem.


After Clint departed on Saturday, Karen was scheduled to arrive in10 days. When Karen wasn't feeling heathy enough for her sail to the Exumas, she cancelled a few days before her intended arrival. Her cancelling was in a way fortuitous because Mystique's starboard engine wasn't completed repaired. The final repair was supposed to take place the day before she arrived, but with engine fully restored, the two mechanics discovered the fan belt did not fit correctly.  After three trips to Bay Street Supply for the right one, we realized they did not have the right size. Brad made a phone call and located but he also ordered two more but they would not arrive


By the time I finally arrived in the Exumas on Saturday, Feb. 25th, I realized once again that plans are for shit. Just more reminders how life constantly has other plans in store. While I make plans, the unforeseen and unanticipated will undoubtedly occur despite any of my efforts to the contrary. If sailing has taught me anything is that it is "assess and modify" each day.  I used to think I could control my day; until I realized I have onl at best some say; nothing close to absolute control over a day's events.  In fact, now, I enjoy how the unexpected appears daily.

"Island time, Mon"

Surfing Back to Nassau

Surfing Back to Nassau

Short Shore Conversations

Short Shore Conversations