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Mother, Daughter and Grand Daughters

Mother, Daughter and Grand Daughters


Dear Kate and Shelley

Today as I woke to a rainy morning on Sunday May 14th, I remembered Mother's Day.  I began my waking by reading a passage from my tattered / torn A Year of Conscious Living book. I thought it worth sharing; it begins with a quote:

Most of the shadows of life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Then a short paragraph passage follows entitled:

"Count your Blessings."

"Just above the desk where Laura writes is a cross-stitch that says "count your blessings". Stuck in the corners of pictures of her three young boys. When life gets most chaotic and difficult, the ironies of the pictures and the cross-stitch are a source of amusement and reminder that there will always be dissonance in our lives - the very things that bring us the most joy or also the things that bring us the most confusion and anguish. Kahlil Gibran wrote of grief in the same light. He said that your grief is proportionate to the joy you have known with another in relationship; the more you love, the more you feel lost when that love is changed. It is only natural that the depth of your pain corresponds to the depth of your love. I believe in reframing our confusion and pain and seeing it as an invitation to learning and our wondering in your times of greatest distress, you are being given the gift of choice: shall you take the path you travel to many times before, furthering your anguish, or shall you learn, wonder, grow, change, take a new path?  The choice is yours.


I hope somehow, someday you both can find light within the corners of your souls...if for no one else but for the sake of Riley and Sloane.

'Tis time to take a new path!"

Par "Fore" the Course

Par "Fore" the Course

Facing Fear

Facing Fear