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Separated by Seas

Separated by Seas

One early morning on a Floridian coastal beach, our sun showed me some sleepy, sand-soaked soles. Their steps had come floating ashore afoot a chaotic wave and wake ride.   All waterlogged and worn. Each missing its running mate. All alone without their better half? Beached by a stormy past; waiting for their next step destiny. 

Sole Full Whispers

One sun-dazed morn,

Upon a wetted, warming beach

A sole slipper laden with tiny shells slipped out...

"Where's my dance partner?"

Gargling, grabbing granulars groaned...

"She wouldn't have amounted too much."

Whirling winds then whispered...

"She treated you like such a heal."

Eastern Bahamian winds finally chimed in...

"You were just too right-footed for her any waves."

"You're better off alone,"

Calmed the waning lunar sphere.

Several sudden surging suds sang her tune...

"You've been beached, babe"

Her sudsy seashore sided...

"She went down with the Count."

Her grainy sands lamented...

"She drowned from all accounts."

A passing, overhead gull caw-cawed...

"She left you for a Prince; she wasn't right for you."

Clamored a nearby shell...

"Maybe waterlogged, she couldn't stay 

up with you.

Her muscled-mollusks clung to her...

"She stepped too heavy, too attached."

A pink lift two feet away inserted...

"She's just blue; she will surface some say."

Her dawning shadow replied...

"The undertow too strong; the undertaker pulled her down ."

A floating log drift-wooded,

"After all, you did soak her for all her worth."

The restrained slipper finally retorted...

"But she always thought she so right."

Eight sandpipers scurried by chirped,

"Forget her? You should always lead with your left."

A reefed coral chorused...

"Such a wing-tipped floozy anyway."

A sorry sodden sandal down-and-out recalls:

"Weren't you always a step ahead?"

Tide and current drone-dragged,

"You are still higher, drier than she."

The singular sun beamed...

"You're like me....here today, gone tomorrow"

Then again, You're not like me cause...

"I take mine sunny-side-up"

Past Boarding Parties

Past Boarding Parties

Beach Strolling Soles

Beach Strolling Soles