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Beach Strolling Soles

Beach Strolling Soles

As easterly light rises to refresh-renew,

Souls hand-hold-stroll the sands of time. 

A stiff-brisk northeasterly beats-backs-brows.

Each step imprints a tenuous shore line

As surf-suds-whitewash ephemeral evidence,

Sandpipers dip their beaks near my toes.

Their hurry-scurry avoids waving seeping-surges

Osprey scan-soar the wave-churning below

Somehow know their heightened, timely-search-wait.

Both mesmerize-intrigue as seasoned-seek-speak

As windy-wakening opens this early morn,

Suddenly ahead I eye beached-debris

Dragged-drenched, water-logged, weathered-walker

A half-buried, sun-soaked, face-down sole.

It wet-whispers its mourn; lost on the waves of time.

This tawny-hided, toe-hold lays languid-limp

I reach down as if to resuscitate this soulless half

As if to lend-mend a helping hand or re-right its story

That youth I couldn't save would be a man today.

Other bleach-beaten, beach-becking soles appear

Light enough to float, heavy enough to stay.

Their owners, companions, makers nowhere to be seen.

No first, second mate beach-floating sanding beside.

Solo-voyaged all found their last footing here.

Weathering, windy waves their high-tied histories left behind

Untold soggy tales lost in the wake of days.

Nothing remains long, along the shores of time.

Yet their beach-bummed fate-stills single souls.

A flip-flop, shoe, slipper, sandal, sole 

All once made contact-comfort for earthy walk,

All paired to trek together, yet all alone 

Here matchless rights lay ashore left

Their walk-talk no more their wear-tear comfort.

Without the pair, they are barely there.

Now somewhere they wear their whereabouts.

Somehow sea-sand became their final rest

Odd how water floated either right or left ashore

Odd how they must have been lost at sea. 

When they were once land-matched pair

Remind me of lost, sole-searching souls.

Their wear only as good as their whereabouts.

As I step forward, I still step back.

While ashore today gone tomorrow

When reminders re-assure, 

they whet my wonderment.

Shored-shells their journey bottom-feed

Lost soles' voyaged-floated sanded-requiem

No mournful morn this, many more steps ahead

Before dawn's down-and-drown simple soles.

Separated by Seas

Separated by Seas

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