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Barring My Way

Barring My Way

Cays You Wondered

"Our relationship with food is an exact microcosm of our relationship to life itself."

~ Geneen Roth's

Women, Food and God

Let's do the math:

798 months

3,200 weeks

24,270 days

582,480 hours

34,948,800 minutes

2,000,000,000+ seconds

How do these


ers and times relate?

These numbers are all mine. My 


ers are equivalent to 66 and 1/2 years of time; they represent my lifetime thus far. And my numbers 


 me last year.



ers are not any mix or recipe on a box. They are not They actually fail to provide the necessary ingredients, nutrients and dimensions of my life time. Even though my 


ers may be exacting, mine, as much as anyone's, tend to be an impersonal, indifferent and cold lot. They neglect to proffer my personality, passions, purposes, passages, practices or paths. And while these


er totals tell time, they are only stark reality references. They do not and can not tell my trials, tribulations and triumphs.  While they suggest time spent, they fail miserably to reflect the nature of my unique life.

While digits may suggest, but they don't speak. They may calculate and equate, but they don't explain or expand. At most they equate; at least they elongate. Yet they all miss the true mark. They stray from the tales and travails.  They don't say or portray my way or my day. They miss the mark and meaningfulness of my moments.

Thirty-seven hundredths or .37% or .0037 of those


ers I spent recovering my sanity and soul in the Bahamas. And even though those 51 days were a relatively short time, they became my recipe.

And when I discovered the right mix, I combined them into the healthiest "meals" of my life, bar none! 

Lowering my bars:

I also sang a few bars when I devoured these two.

During my solo Bahamian sailing voyage from May through July 2016, I fed my body as I nourished my soul. I feed both of them with carefully conscious choices.  By the end of my voyage, I realized they not only helped me regain perspective, provide me with valuable insights, restore my faith in myself, but also lit a bright beacon towards improved physical health and wellness. The experience toned and tanned my body, by helping me lose part of myself. Yes, I gained by losing.  I regained my equilibrium, replenished my spirit and became fit again. And I accomplished these by letting go of so much else.

Baring my bars:

Setting my bars:

While recently listening to Michael Singer's CD from the 

Untethered Soul

I realized that my peeling a tangerine at sea was a meaningful metaphor for me. I had to remove the peel, the outer shield, to reach the succulent, nutritious inner fruit. And a whole tangerine actually exist in nature with slices or mouthfuls that need to be divided like life. The appealing traits of a tangerine may be taste, nutrition and wholesomeness, but how it is "packaged" by nature awes my spirit.   And while life provides sustenance such as a fruit, it does not come to you without some effort (ie. a symbolic struggle) to grow, choose, pick, peal and eat

Raising my bars: 

My consumption rules...

  • I did not eat according to any schedule. I ate when my body communicated with me.
  • I never ate out of boredom.
  • Whenever I was hungry, I waited an hour or more to eat.
  • I ate food only for energy and health - never to ward off boredom, comfort or calm myself.
  • I drank water every 2-3 hours to stay hydrated.
  • I varied my protein, vegetables and starches.
  • I usually did not combine proteans with starches
  • I ate protein Luna bars, very few carbohydrates.
  • I drank banana / avocado smoothies with chia or flax seeds, rice milk, honey, organic yogurt, walnuts and protein powder. 
  • When I wanted to celebrate, I prepared a more elaborate meal.
  • When I was at anchor, I frequently cooked something hot for dinner.
  • I never consumed alcohol while underway.
  • I snacked on mixed nuts every day.
  • I took 5 supplement pills each day.
  • I never ingested any prescription medications, drugs or tobacco.

Bellying up to my bar:

Preparing healthy meals for one and eating them onboard 


 for 51 days was an adventure. 

My food choices and preparation took into account why I chose my food, how I prepared it. I considered, when, where and how I shopped and ate, gave me more and less than I anticipated.  I wanted to eat consciously healthy. 

 I feed myself nutritional And while food consumption is a life necessity, my eating choices / habits accompanied consequences, some unintended.  I lost 12-15 lbs when I cut out bread, dairy and most carbs while manhandling sails, sheets and steering





Snacks / Substitutes:

Few carbohydrates helped reduce my waste and 



Frozen banana smoothie with organic walnuts, honey, protein powder, rice milk, chia seeds and nutmeg.


Putting My Past Behind Bars:

Strength emerges from struggles and wounds. Past mistakes are lightened from one's burdens. Health surfaces from powerful foods and positive thoughts.

Celebrating Victor Vadaslavchek Day

I cooked bacon for the first and only time when I reached Rum Cay.

Funny how bacon becomes celebratory; 

and taste trumps health. 

Bacon is one of life's pleasures despite having no real nutritional value.

Knowing this, I bought organic, nitrate-free, smoked bacon and froze it for the right moment.

Something odd about celebrating a healthy diet with something unhealthy. It was either that or ice cream,

but I ruled that out when I failed to purchase any before my departure.

Call to the bar...

The Proper Galley Tool?

Organic pancakes so hard I needed a hammer to break up the flour!

When I mixed all the ingredients, the chunks were insoluble, inedible brick chips.

Could have questioned Organic Valley's bar code as their product seemed more appropriate as a cement.

Baring none...

Singing a few bars:



of ours, my NUMBers are body-aged and only relative to sun, moon and earth movements. But, of course, the sun does not move. We move around it. Our earthly world revolves as we evolve around our world. But we possess many worlds: familial, material, monetary, physical, emotional, psychological, ethical, religious, 


 celestial and many more. 

All these numb us as we consume them.  

They take up our time and efforts for a questionable conclusion.

Struggles lead us to our emptiness.

I have to give some credit to

Alan Lightman's Einstein's Dreams

His insightful collection of short tales about various times 

in a Swiss town is considered a modern classic.

Hooking Cameo

Hooking Cameo

Wall Killing

Wall Killing