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Three Days with Gull

Three Days with Gull

May 25, 2016

 Day 8 of 51-day Solo

 Just blew in.I'm an easy mark.

She landed on my dinghy

passive-pestering beggar

Returns each AM

Now her primary perch?

Until a better offer appears.

arrived in her roost and rookery

Yes, unannounced, unplanned

just happened that way

Needed somewhere to stay

Now my host, minus manners

Odd, I'm not her nest guest

Yet I'm supposed to treat her

Yet she's really no real bother;

Better than a worried wart

Or friend who lost time.

 Handout hungry

Looking me over

 Nothing real to offer

just a faker-taker

Sees me as an easy meal ticket 

 a one-track mind

 I recognize this bird's lineage

Oceanic, Bahamian, Exumian, Little Cisterian 

Yet if I offer her what she seeks,

I will do her a disservice

She must forage for herself

Part of me likes her company

Part of me wants to feed her appetite

Yet crumb will only whet her gullet

Ah, just maybe, I'm needing to leave 

Maybe that hunger-stare is glare

Likely I've read her wrong. 

 It's "Leave me, alone."

"Go another way."

"This is MY home."

We've Lost Sight.

We've Lost Sight.

Ragged Run