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Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

 No chrome dome cranium crater....All healed after a week!

No chrome dome cranium crater....All healed after a week!

It was neither Johnny Depp and his Hollywood cronies on holiday partying on his Exuma island nor another typically extraordinary Bahamian night cloudless sky. Those sort of sightings would have been starry-eyed encounters.  My star-struck was my looking skyward too quickly and knocking my head into Mystique's galley counter.  My in-to-a-counter beheading knocked me for loop, and, though highly questionable, then knocked some sense into me. To be clear, the stars did not strike me; I star-gazed by sky-skyped my own skull.

I was cleaning Mystique's floors (no snide comments Peanut gallery!) when I suddenly and unconsciously lifted my forehead into enlightenment.  Actually, an instant celestial night flashed in front of my eyes with the jolt jogging my noggin into almost blissful nothingness.  While I never lost consciousness, I knew seconds afterwards that an overhanging counter had inexplicably remained stationary while my head planted a reminder squarely on the crown of my cranium.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
— Albert Einstein

I immediately applied ice as my blood soaked a cold rag, but unlike the mosquito bloodbath the previous week ago, this hit woke me up by almost putting me asleep. The second accident and blood-letting in 8 days and once again I injured myself.  My third injury including my fall to my knees during my Gulf crossing! Three in three weeks! Ah, like all injuries, my immediate reaction was self-critical questions. "Where was my head?" "Could I be that careless?" "Was sailing senility seeping into this salt?"

A fresh forehead gash certainly suggests thoughtful clarity had jumped ship. It occurred to me that once again my impulsivity could have rendered me helpless. But my "encounter" with this unmoving and insensitive overhang also somehow knocked me into a celestial state. Had I forgotten where I was?  Had my house-cleaning my galley shocked the Universe? Did I need another stark reminder of my vulnerability? Or were these just practical hints of my impatience? Did I need to wear my helmet for my own safety?  Had my thoughts wandered into daydreams that I was actually enjoying my housekeeping chores? Or then the thought, that someone wasn't happy with my efforts entered my mind.  None of these questions had answers, especially wise ones for someone who is supposed to be paying more attention. At least this time Mystique and I were anchored, going nowhere fast.

Someone ashore had asked me a few days earlier, "How can humans can be more conscious and receive more frequent reminders?"  I chuckled my answer: "If we are unconscious for even a short time, life has a way of sending us reminders." The irony always becomes mildly entertainment.

"Universe, you have my attention now... At least temporarily! 

Can you just be a little more subtle next time?

Healing Ointment

I'm pretty sure I remember there are no such thing as accidents; they are all just reminders! I remember a quote...

“There are no accidents... there is only some purpose that we haven’t yet understood.”

— Deepak Chopra, The Return of Merlin
Clouded Lessons

Clouded Lessons

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