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It's Over....Next

Soon after I visited Norman Cay in the northern Exumas, Karen shared with me how playwright Norman Lear kept his positive attitude, vibrant perspective, quick wit and clever sense of humor during his lifetime.  His strategy -  remind himself that everything is transitory...that nothing is permanent....all will change....one's present is all there is. 

 These colors and cloud formations did not last long.  Almost boggles the mind to consider that this sky had never appeared before during the millions of years of earth history. 

These colors and cloud formations did not last long.  Almost boggles the mind to consider that this sky had never appeared before during the millions of years of earth history. 

Reminders phrases for various moving forward (even if you aren't sailing the Bahamas).

Been there, done that
Knocked locked-out, boarded doors
Wrung chimes too many times
No use staying when no one's home
The bell doesn't answer itself.
"Forget about it, Champ, There's another round coming up."

Like itchy bitty bug bites
Demanding finger lingering rubs
Doesn't help, hurt or heal hearts
Only reddens scabs and scars
The longer surface we scratch.
The more
ourselves we harm .



Pushed my replay once too often
No gain listening to scratchy records
I've heard them before, old worn out tune
"Then just turn down the volume."
Isn't the same as not listening
Better to turn off the lingering lyrics
And become anew recording artist

Nothing healthy in dishing rehash
Only gnawing grissel and chopped beefs
Grinding teeth, flapping gums up joints
We become what we digest
Time to scrap regrets and resentments
Time to serve "good" mornings and byes
Wholesome plates become either
Tall orders or long awaiters

Seeing only ourselves in our reflections.
Holds us back from knowing our now
No sense crying for spilt milk
Clock turning back doesn't work either
No do-overs, makeover, mulligans
Can't redo, rewrite history, 
Only making amends forgives us

Muckraking gets us stuck

Trudged that dusty, muddy path

My soles soiled and scuffed

My boots stuck in quandary

My feet sweaty and sore

Couldn't move until my heal was free

Never wanted to step on your toes

Moving forward, no more pussy footing

May have to leave old boots behind

Cleaning off what we left, never could

Holding onto wouldas, couldas, shouldas 

Or faults, flaws or egos

Only rusts away recovery

Gets no one nowhere

Can't alter or fix mistakes

Let it all go; give it all up.

Best to forgive and pave a new way.

Blame games point inwards

Grudges only burden ourselves

Our faults lay in more than our stars

Weighted down by our certitude

Put it down, leave alone

Fond memories carry lightness best

No one's views clears alone

Unraveling, rewinding, reminding

Hardest part is entrusting ourselves

Fears only shackle our ignorance

When our pasts outlast our presents

Pealing off our outdated casts

Putting down our rusty swords 

Hiding isn't biding; its biting.

It's just baggage ready to burst

Tis a feathery bygone gripe

Grudges only weigh ourselves down

Anger, fear only burn holes in hearts 

Life but a blink to brood over spilt milk.

No easy task to forgive ourselves first

Making amends takes courage.

So too does "I was also wrong."

Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

Shipwrecked Sailor

Shipwrecked Sailor