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Welcome aboard my blog's home. 

If you come along with me, you'll become acquainted with my motley mates and faithful crew:

Experiences, Sightings, Observations, Impressions, Ideas, Reflections, Remembrances, Insights and Commentary.

They, after all, have accompanied me for as long as I can recall. Their tenure has helped me turn my tiller, fill my sails, and transport me over seas to distant lands. Maybe if you take the time to get to know them, a few will do the same for you.

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My Crew of Authors

Not So Solo

While I assumed many roles during my self-imposed solitary refinement sail such as skipper, 1st mate, 2nd mate, navigator assistant, cook, galley slave, boatswain's mate, chief petty officer, chaplain, bottlewasher, deckhand, entertainment director, tender driver, I should confess I stowed away some stowaways. 

Gradually,  I impressed most of them into some seamen-related duties. At first, most were very shelf-ish and bookish, but eventually chapter by chapter, they opened up. They all had a story to tell, and as I turned their pages, they read to me their relevance, not some riot act. In fact, each found their place in my experiences. Each fit into a purpose and role for my voyage.

Of course, I found room for them in my thoughts and maybe surpringly each contributed to my voyage's success. I guess one might say each pulled his or her weight, kept the crew (me) on my toes and entertained my imagination. Some had a great sense of humor, made me laugh, some knew how to spin a yarn, a few made me cry,  some were chocked full of info, while 2-3 taught me a few valuable lessons. Overall, their unique perspectives challenged and helped me recover and discover so much, I feel I owe and know them a debt of gratitude.

Of course, every novelist introduces his or her protagonist and antagonists; most  nonfiction writers focus on key characters while historians highlight influential individuals, they all bring with them their own so-called cast and unique crew. Though a solo voyage I sailed, a solo perspective or single mindset was far from my helm. I was not the only being onboard; my crew made sure of that Mystique.

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - Purple Hibiscus
  • Allan Botton - The Course of Love
  • Daniel James Brown - Boys in the Boat
  • Joseph Campbell - The Power of Myth
  • David Deida - The Way of the Superior Man
  • Ben Elton - Time and Time Again
  • Michael Epley - Mindwise 
  • Kevin Fedarko - The Emerald Mile
  • Tristan Gooley - The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs
  • Alan Lightman -  Einstein's Dreams
  • Ernest Kurtz / Katherine Ketcham - Experiencing Spirituality
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez - The Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor 
  • Sondra Ray - Loving Relationships
  • Don Miguel Ruez, Jr. - Living a Life of Awareness
  • Michael Singer - The Surrender Experiment
  • Michael Singer - The Untethered Soul
  • Joshua Slocum - Sailing Alone Around the World
  • Neil Strauss - The Truth
  • Deborah Tannen - I Only Say This Because I Love You
  • Thomas Williams - The Hair of Harold Roux

I want to thank them all for transporting me to thoughts beyond my own. Though in many of their writings, I visited and envisioned aspects of myself in their works, I knew that aspect was their gift. Every good writer takes his reader on another journey sometimes far away from ones present moment. Through them, they became me and I them. In other words, as they opened up to me, I opened up to them. That familiarity made them more than shipmates; it made many of them lifelong friends. Much did they know, but little could they realize their impact and assistance during my sea journey. Each had a unique take on life, but none took from me. Each gave time to carve his or her craft and in so doing presented me with an opportunity to know them and me a little better. Thanks, you all, for being aboard my Mystique.

Knotty Situations Solved

Knotty Situations Solved

Sailing a Sea Less Traveled

Sailing a Sea Less Traveled