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Coming Back to Life

Coming Back to Life

Waking Morn

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
— Annie Dillard

Day 3

Date: Friday, May 20, 2016

Mystique's location: anchored in West End, New Providence 

As I sat facing eastward on Mystique's foredeck, I listened and observed nature, humanity and myself awakening on this Bahamian bay.

In the stillness birds call, chirp and call again.

water slaps and laps both of Mystique's bows

as the eastern sky lightens and brightens, it blankets.

I turn my attention to one bird call at a time,

then...another waiting for the reply, but not speaking their lanquage,

I'm not sure if I am hearing

conversations, feedings, rejoicings, datings, matings, squakings or exhalations

"whip, whimp, whip"

"lup, lup lup"

"chip, chip, chip"

"crink, crink, crink"

"who, who, who"

"shrill, shrill, shrill"

"chi, chi, chi"

"tweet, tweet, tweet"

"caw, caw, caw"

Do birds possess and project egos?

Are they showing off?

or are they just being birds?

As I feel a gentle whisper on my face, it seems to turn their aviary chorus volume down a notch...or maybe my attention is too distracted by nature's exhale that their cacophony sounds diminished.

I lay down on the trampoline and peer skywards

The human hum reves as I hear a car and observe its headlights pass through the nearby gated community.... then a jet engine roars overhead. Slowly outdoor lights fade from view as the sun strengthens its presence.

As I watch the sky above,  the goose-down comforter un-seams itself into cotton swaths and swabs.  The sky fills with snowy drifts of loose goose down from the once solid blanket. They even appear as if some higher altitude sneeze-breezed the top of a cotton field?

...and almost as soon as I closed my eyes, my mind relaxes....my thoughts slow down, I'm aware of my breath and my body more than before....the morning sounds seem suddenly magnified, the still air becomes warmer.  As an errant drop of moisture lands on my check, I'm feel fully alert, facing eastward rising light and filling myself with a quieter tranquility. Now I'm observing myself, my thoughts and my sensations. I can still hear the sounds of silence.



: slight southerly

Tide / Current: 

not a factor

Sea Conditions:


Depart for Exumas: 

midmorning southerly breeze lures me to raise sails

Shipwrecked Sailor

Shipwrecked Sailor

It Dawned on Me

It Dawned on Me