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Satori Sailing

Satori Sailing

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Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Time: soon after dawn
Mystique's Location: Key Biscayne in Marine Stadium,- a mile east of Miami, Florida
Weather: overcast, light drizzle
Wind: almost dead calm...slight southerly
Tide / Current: ebbing - so favorable
Sea Conditions: calm - no waves, current or swells
Forecast: gentle southerly breeze building to 8-12 knots
Destination: Bahamas

Today with a light southwest breeze, an overcast sky and a warm misty drizzle, I raised my sail and my anchor on Florida. My departure wasn't without some extra effort.  As I hauled the mainsail a lower batten got caught on a lazy guy, but soon released.  Then Mystique's anchor bridle snagged, wrapped and twisted around the anchor so I donned flippers and dove under Mystique, untwisted and unhooked bridle lines and freed the anchor chain. Anchor was aweigh in a matter of minutes and Mystique motored southward 6 miles at 4.5 knots towards the outer coast and past No Name Harbor in Florida Park.

Soon after Mystique passed under the Rickenbacker Bridge, a porpoise twice appeared on my starboard bow and then when I left Biscayne Bay, a school of porpoise followed me for a short while. Always believed that this nature sign was nature wishing me well.  Symbolic meaning of porpoise and dolphin appearances.

Catching some granola in a big yellow mixing bowl before heading out to the Florida Strait.

Note the effect of the Gulf Stream on Mystique's position above.

As she reached about 12 miles from Florida, her southeaterly course heading was 25-30 miles south of Bimini (red line), but the Stream's 3.5 knots northward impact meant Mystique was actually heading for 10-15 miles north of Bimini.(green Line)  Nature was asserting its power and leading me.  It was clear I was taking a northern route around the Mackie Shoal this year.

My Voyage Intent: Allow Nature to be my navigator, influencing and directing my decisions and direction. Stay open to what the Universe has in store with me. Go with the flow!

Wind Direction/Speed: variable; as forecasted until noonish with gentle southerly, but then line easterly squalls changed wind to southeast and then northeast. In strong downpours, winds reached 15 knots for 10-15 minutes and then back to calm. (Was nature hardening and testing me for the various weather and wind conditions I would be soon facing?)

Gulf Stream Waves: They never became an issues as wind and current were going in the same direction most of the day. When the squalls hit the water became confused but I was out of the strength of the current by then. As you can discern from below as a squall approaches. there are no whitecaps which usually form around 12 knots. Another good sign?

Mainsail a little dirty after being furled for way too long.

In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to the experience of kenshō, "seeing into one's true nature".

Raining Umbrellas

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Jumping to Conclusions

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