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A Crabby Show

A Crabby Show

Making an Appearance

As I strolled a patch of Florida's Treasure Coast, a carefree, creeping crustacean appeared.  As I watched closely this small creature taught me a few lessons.

Out of somewhere, the sand crab arose almost underfoot. As the surf neared and overwhelmed him, the crab did not scurry or scamper away,  As he steadfastly held his ground, the surf and suds suddenly swept him away.  Just as suddenly the next surge surprisingly returned him unscathed to my footprint. Upright and ready, he returned his wary stare.  Facing me topsy-turfy as if nothing had happened, life washed over him without a care.

To most casual observers, this seemingly insignificant seaside encounter might barely appear worthy of an entire blog entry.  But significance in life isn't always determined by size, magnitude or scope. What matters most to me is often temporal.  Momentary resonating meaning often feels more real than longevity.

For some reason this crab concurrence moved me to take photos, to write and to explore its meaning.  Nature speaks so I want to listen and learn.  So I pondered this crab's showing up and finally realized his message. Here is our dialogue:

Hello, Crusty, never-seen you before; 

Strolling about on this sunbaked sandy shore.

Eyeing my presence, you're crossing my walk

Almost stepped on you, startled my talk.

Did you see me approach; come out to say hello?

Or merely patrolling your grainy granules to show?

Suddenly taken, shaken by sudden surf suds

Under-towed by foamy, frothing, flowing floods

Where'd you go?...you disappeared...not here any more!

Gone beach guardian, no longer a chore?

My foot imprints

await the returning splosh

Of its lone sentinel,

 sun-glistening, back-washed.   

Resuming your staring stance under toe

You return starry-eyed, no startled crawler woe?

Steadfast in the face of sweeping travail

You stay astride your domain with barely a flail.

Swept out to sea; came back to be

You turned

right side

up by the sea and me.

Caring for Remy

Caring for Remy

Sea Song Videos Continued ~ G-I

Sea Song Videos Continued ~ G-I