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Women Anchors Aweigh

Women Anchors Aweigh

Hopeful and Steadfast


A good woman and reliable anchor share similar traits.  They hook and hold to stay grounded.  When they secure a spot, they secure the hopes and dreams of those onboard.  They often become anchors when men have to go away. 

Some anchor tattoos need words to explain their symbolism.

A tattoo anchored near one's heart

Anchors can connect to love and faith. Of course, when a sailor raises his anchor, he usually raises his sails as well as his spirits.  His eagerness, excitement, expectations, imaginings, anticipations and sometimes even his aspirations and inspirations all become heightened.  It is more than simple symbolism that raising an anchor awakens one's being.  A raised anchor moves skipper and crew to become more alert and vigilant to the vagaries of the surrounding sea.  Our spirits often soar on a new voyage. A new voyage helps us plot-out and anticipate our new course and create then follow our float plans. 

A rising anchor is a symbol for hope because when a ship weighs or raises anchor all aboard are full of hope to reach their destination safely. Hope is always is associated with a new journey, voyage or adventure.  Metaphorically, when one decides to leave a place or the past to move forward towards something new, hope rings eternal. 

When a ship drops anchor, it grounds itself, and secures itself, to a certain spot from which it will not move. It stabilizes itself from the waves, tides, currents and various other movements which the sea may throw at it. The moment we drop our mental anchor, we become steadfast in our decision-making process. When we finally say to ourselves “this is who I am” and "here is where I stand".

When women are securely anchored, they are steadfast, sure and steady. They are then able to "hold fast" during emotional, unstable and confusing times. They are also able to steady themselves and others around them during their weakest and most trying moments.

Over 600 years ago women statues often portrayed them holding a ship's anchor. By peering towards the heavens for hope for their love's safe return, women were often portrayed as carrying the symbolic weight of a family, home and future.

Maybe the sculptor's statue at right suggests sailors left port without their symbolic anchor and could not truly secure their vessels or lives until they returned to his love.

The woman becomes the sailor's anchor. If his ship is anchor-less at sea and his love holds it for his return, sailor won't rest until he returns ashore to his home. After all, most virtuous and faithful women want to hold onto and secure their relationships... though this one above may possess questionable virtue given here attire. Though that was the female fashion in parts of Europe six centuries ago.

But as we all know life is but a temporary condition.  Anchors and ships can actually part ways and waves.  Anchors can weigh one down.  Anchors can become burdens if they become rusty, crusty, un-trusty, weighty, unwieldy, unyielding and untrue.  So hope may be as weighty as worry, but when women weigh their anchor, they let go of any burden and become the blessing.

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