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I'm Pulling Out

I'm Pulling Out

During the latter half of 2015 my LIFE pulled me in many unexpected directions.  But then I eventually realized LIFE was not pulling me. I was dragging LIFE my sorry butt down. It was my perspective about life that tugged on my bow line...in sailing terms it is called "painter"  So my painter then seemed to be pulling me. But that's not true either. The line only had tension on it because my vessel was floating with the tide and wind currents. It was my craft tied to an anchor chain that pulled me. Then it occurred to me that the strain on my being was whether related. I could almost blame the weather and wind Then I recognize I had to push or pull. When I discovered all I needed was to sail with the wind rathe than against it, the sea not only became more tranquil, I found I could steer a more conscious course.  It was then the weight fell from my shoulders and slipped off my neck.  Only when I became aware I was the one pulling myself down, I finally let go of the burden. I got a grip by releasing mine.

The situations I had found myself embroiled in had challenged my time, energy, spirit and resources to the point I could not sleep well and consequently made unconscious decisions. My desires and misperceptions had so dragged me, I struggled to keep my composure and equilibrium.  Finally, when I released my hold and stepped away, I cut my proverbial umbilical cord to my expectations. The proverbial albatross around my neck dropped to the floor and I finally felt capable enough to make wiser and healthier decisions.

To pull  something is to attempt to move it. Sailors pull lines, sheets, halyards, vangs, foreguys, afterguys, leads, outhauls, downhauls, anchors, sails and dinghies all the time. And all of them require human strength and willpower.  Some sailors even pull themselves up by their boot straps.  Many pull their own weight when they are onboard.  Many drop any weighty issues when they come ashore.  They know how to drop their burden.  Maybe becasuse they are really good at pulling other people's "legs" or  "chains".

Sometimes to our own detriment, we men attempt to pull our own weight around during our lifetime. It's called independence, sometimes referred to as stubbornness or pig-headedness.  Whether this is easy or burdensome depends on an individual's physicality, personality and willpower. The weight of our choices and their consequences are different for each of us.

The Ancient Mariner pulling in his audience with his tale of woe.

Carrying Your Burden & More 

In Samuel Coleridge's epic poem the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the narrator, an innocent wedding guest, is pulled into a strange old man's tale by the power of his story and the passion of his confession.  The mariner always asking for forgiveness for his crime of having killed a good omen albatross with a bow and arrow which then seemingly doomed his ship and crew.  His punishment to to carry the bird's carcass around his neck pulled at him for the rest of his years. His only redemption was shredding himself of his guilt by wandering aimlessly on land asking for forgiveness from complete strangers for the rest of his life.

While my tale does not warrant any mentioning especially in contrast to Coleridge's, but feels relevent to me is the weight I have felt not of any guilt or regret, but of making an impulsive decision to get involved in something I should have had better judgment to avoid.  Sometimes the pull to help people who seemingly can't help themselves has gotten me in trouble.  What appears harmless and innocent at the time doesn't always appear that way later.

As I was being pulled in my dilemna, I was also pulling back. Because I felt out of control from what was happening. Nothing seemed easy or natural.  And the more I wanted to move factors in a different direction, the more resistance I experienced.

A block and tackle is a pulley or wheel with a grooved rim that carries a line that turns in a frame (block) which changes the direction of and reduces the force of the line is pulled when it is pulled to raise a weighty object at the other end.  I wish all weighty problems had a pulley solution.

When a pulley, a winch, a windlass or a lever are not handy, brute strength is usually the only power available to help reel in something on a boat.  The question is always will it be enough energy to move what needs to be moved.

No windlass so these two attempt to manhandle and rescue Satori whose anchor has dragged.

TowboatUS towed Mystique off the shallow Atlantic coral southeast of Biscayne Bay, Florida.

 A crew pulls himself 

Hanging Out

Hanging Out

Finding Myself

Finding Myself