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Finding Myself

Finding Myself


Who am I? Why am I here?

The two most compelling questions every human answers in his or her lifetime! The two-sided how we react or respond determines how we experience life. Perception is often reality.

The pirate in each of us may want to bury treasures to dig them up later. The non-pirate may want to find those treasure chests and spend the discovery loot while he or she can.

How we read our chart often depends on how well we read ourselves.  How well we see the signs and markers, often determines how we keep on course.  How we get to where we are going is often dependent upon how we see ourselves and face our unique circumstances along the way.  Of course, is part of our nature.  When each of us knows "Who am I?" our voyage has new meaning, but the voyage does not end there. Just because we found where X marks the spot doesn't mean we have the treasure buried beneath us...or more likely within us. And these discoveries often determines the quality and depth of our limited time on Earth.

What do these say about you? 

Mother?  Father? Family?  





Experiences?  Triumphs?  

Traumas?  Perceptions?  



Palm Reader?  











Face?  Feelings?



Actions? Reactions? Responses? 

Nature?  Nurture?





All the factors above provide some clues to our nature, identity, personality and character.  Each reveals some semblance and significance to whom each of us is, has been and will probably become. Until recently I discovered I had been an INFP. When I first discovered this designation when my body was in its early 30's, I was startled to recognize myself.  Somehow seeing myself over 40 years ago in test results in black and white felt like an incredible epiphany for me at the time.  I was so amazed and awestruck at how accurately the

Myers-Briggs personality test

portrayed me, I suddenly felt known and validated more than from any other source.  This test knew me much better than anyone I knew, including my family and close friends. I remember saying: "Yes, that is who I am." A test told me who I was. I know I could not have described myself better than those results. The test knew me better than I knew myself.

Some people use their family and friends as reference points or markers to who they are, but they can be flawed because one relies on other people's perspectives as accurate.  I have often found other people don't always have a clue or truly that caring to know who I am.  So, using their opinions or point of views only ensures a warped image. This is one of the many reasons why I think our personal discovery is so vital to our survival as an individual. We all want an accurate sense of self.

Recently, out of pure curiosity, I retook the test and discovered my personality had shifted to more INTP. And this discovery lead me to share this idea in this blog post. While this post may focus on me and my type, my intention is to use my profile as an example to encourage others to view themselves and life differently. And possibly add an ounce of acceptance to understanding people's differences and evolution.

What would the world be like 

if we all really knew ourselves and each other better?

INTPers  -

“The Thinkers” 

 3% of the world population

2% of women

Maybe you have crossed paths with a few INTPs in your lifetime, but because they are rare breed (only 4% of the United States, you might have mistaken them for being like you. Many of us make that mistake.

Credit to 

Bits & Pieces

According to psychologist

Carl Jung

’s and

Isabel Briggs Myers

’ typological research, INTP is one of 16 different personality types that exist in the world.

Famous INTPs include:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Rene Descartes
  • Charles Darwin
  • Marie Curie
  • C.G. Jung
  • Socrates
  • Abraham Lincoln

Here are some of my INTP traits in GIFs: 

1. People call you a walking-talking dictionary, encyclopedia, etc


2. When you have a brilliant idea, but forgot it.

~ Sliad


 As a young girl, you were an old man.

~ ignite

4. Everything sounds brilliant in your head, but when you try to explain it… it’s a wreckage of words. ~ 


5. Someone describes a typical emotional reaction to you and you respond with, “But that’s irrational.”


6. You take forever to make up your mind, but once you do, you stick with it. (Until it doesn’t work anymore.)


7. Your room/desk/work space looks like a hurricane went through. -





Other person:

“Honey, honey… Shh. It’s okay. That’s just how it is.”



Other person:




9. A heavenly job is one where you have hours to imagine, weeks to work, and months to think – 


10. You go to Wikipedia to look up one thing and end up spending hours on the site reading.


11. When you have been reading something really interesting, look at a clock and notice that it's 6 am. You started reading it at 9pm. ~ 


12. People tell you that you think too much ~ 


13. When you come out of the lecture room thinking about the fascinating applications and theories that you learned in today’s lecture and realize you’ve left your bag in the lecture room.  ~ Dooraven


Your grandmother has sent you a letter in the mail just to say hi because you have not answered your phone in months. Or you often claim, “this damn phone, I need to get a new one,” knowing very well nothing is wrong with your phone.  ~



You spend five minutes deciding if you want to post something, then five minutes deciding how to say it, then another five minutes trying to think of a better way to say it, then finally just delete it entirely.  ~ 


16. If you become obsessed with something, nothing will stop you but…if you get distracted from it, there’s a good chance it’s not happening. ~ 



Your music collection is massive, or at least of every genre out there –



You’re attracted to people who aren’t easy to figure out ~ 



When someone asks you what color your toothbrush is, and you have no idea.  ~ 



“Has that sign always been there?”



~ AirMarionette


When you start daydreaming during driving and forget that the lights have turned green, 

wondering why the person behind you is beeping the horn.  

~ Windette


When you are compelled by the idea of solitude so that you “can ‘truly’ be free with your thoughts”



Eating must be done while reading, listening to music or both. Exercise is bearable only in front of a television or with an audiobook. When all else fails (in the shower, for instance) focused thinking keeps you quite occupied. 

~ LQ9


You know you're an INTP when you've seriously been considering your plans for the zombie apocalypse  

~ feefafo


When you overhear two people speaking about an interesting subject, you daydream about possibilities and contradictions to those possibilities. Once you're ready to speak, five minutes passed and the subject changed.



27. You're quiet among new people, but enthusiastic around people you've known for a long time.

~ Kilgore Trout


You know you are an INTP when you take a test, it tells you you are an INTP, you begin researching everything about INTPs, then about every other jungian typology, then question your own INTP-ness, then realize it is a completely accurate assessment, but refuse to stop looking up things about typologies and anything remotely related.  T

his entire time you stopped everything else you had been doing. 

~ cjobrien7

Want to find more about yourself? Understand other people?

Be aware that it might blow your mind about how eerily it describes you.

I recommend a free assessment at


and then view an in-depth analysis about your type at


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