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Sailing Toddlers

Sailing Toddlers

How do newborns benefit from growing up on a sailboat? 

Here's an interesting article that answers this question:

Five Reasons Your Kids Should Sail:

Maybe there are some, but I am unaware of any studies that examine the effects of sailboat living on children's well being. But if research and surveys have been conducted, I am certain they would reveal these boat kids often possess impressive human qualities.

Given all their exposure to nature's classroom and sailboat cruising, these kids' would experience incredible educational opportunities. My bet would be the surveys would indicate most boat kids as mature, well-adjusted, independent, free-thinking, curious, self-sufficient, confident, competent, easy-going, peaceful, comfortable, fearless, environmentally aware, family-oriented, worldly, well-educated, socially-adept and well-adjusted children.

Because as a 5-year old I learned to swim and sail, I developed a sixth sense about water and sailing. My comfort level and understanding helped me enormously, but I often wished I had grown up and had been raised on a boat.  Over the years I have met many impressive kids whose life experiences have provided them with invaluable educations.

The Family Without Borders

The video below depicts a mere microcosm of the lifestyle of a family of five liveaboards and also demonstrates how the media distorts, frames and packages a story for their own sensationalism. It gives a fairly balanced view, but what bothers me is how the land perspective is used to compare boat living with land living.

I had to chuckle at one example when the woman reporter notices closet doors as childproof because they have latches on them. This seems especially funny when the locker door overhead is far out of the reach of toddlers. The idea that the latch is not for the kids but for the motion of the boat at sea elludes the reporter.  Usually nothing on a boat has only one use compared to land homes.

The idea that land people question sea living life style, safety and parental responsibility just shows their ignorance.

SV FLUENTA with kids

Shayile - A Family Sailing Adventure - SV Momo ~ An Incomplete and Biased Guide to Life, Love, and Maintenance on a Cruising Sailboat

Kids tethered to a catamaran's foredeck

S/V Kandarik Kids

Sailing Family Anecdotes, Advice and Answers

At right I'm 3, brother Bill 2 as crew and our mother, Alice, steers Dormouse, a Penguin. - More about Alice in Wonderland

Yoga On Deck

Yoga On Deck

Theatre Near Me

Theatre Near Me