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Make Room for My Bike

Make Room for My Bike

A Perfect Present:

  • Something totally unexpected yet something wanted. 
  • Something timely, practical and useful. 
  • Something cool and fun. 
  • Something my crew could definitely use and appreciate.
No Name Harbor near Key Biscayne, Florida

At No Name Harbor on Florida's Key Biscayne, Mystique's Christmas present came in handy in January.  After 3 or 4 absurdly wrong guesses about the possible contents of an oddly-shaped package, I, hungrily tore off its wrapping paper befitting any 10-year old boy opening a Xmas present.  Moments later I exhaled a few preteen "AWESOMES" and even an elderly "WOW".  A minute later I had unzipped a carrying bag, unfolded my gift and rode it around our living room. Lynne had given Mystique, my crew and me an almost-brand-new fold-up boat bike.

My Surprise

As I realized the value of her gift, my not-so-fond recollections of arduous treks lugging heavy loads back to the boat had begun to dissolve.  Now easier errands and other ventures seemed possible. Now jaunts to grocery stores, hardware stores, marine supplies and distant post offices all seemed less burdensome with a bike at our boat's disposal.

In many ways, a bike is almost as vital to a cruising boat as a dinghy is.  Of course, the quality of a dinghy and its engine make a huge difference. This is true with a bike as well.  Some may view a bike as a luxury; I view it more as a valuable asset to a boater.

Why important for boaters?

  • becomes shore transportation when no taxis or bus is available 
  • provides more retrieval and rescue/safety options.
  • makes carrying goods or boat supplies easier for longer distances
  • fun way to explore more ashore


  • folds up into a compact package
  • saves time and effort
  • provides some retrieval / rescue reassurance
  • costs vary so they are affordable
  • replaces conventional bike


  • some smaller-wheeled bikes take more effort, have fewer gears and move slower
  • larger wheels may present storage issues

Resources and Reviews:

  • Find a place below deck to store - salt air/water and rain rusts.
  • Find or purchase a cover or storage case.
  • Keep it covered.
  • Find a second one for additional rider

Compact, Light and Foldable

Easy to lock and unlock parts

Easy adjustable seating for all leg lengths

A deck eyesore awaiting rider and rust.

Thanksgiving Mystique

Thanksgiving Mystique

Navigating Human Behavior​​​​​​​

Navigating Human Behavior​​​​​​​