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Facing Fear

Let's face it, fear keeps us from facing life. Fear holds us back from being genuine and authentic with each other and maybe even ourselves. Fears of facing our fears hide our faces. And hiding the truth or hiding from the truth takes our individual freedoms away.  Fear hides our souls and who we could be. Even facing facts often challenges our realities.  Fear paralyzes us from being true...to ourselves and our fellow man.

In fact, truth and reality often collide and crash in so many ways and places.  And even when some opinions are presented as facts, it is difficult to distinguish between real and fake, truth and false or right and wrong. Pointing the finger at Trump misses the point. The blame game is his ego strategy. Trying to fight or right the bully by educating ignorance and arrogance may seem like a mission. But Holding him accountable for his absurd alterations to human freedoms  The obstacles we need to face lay dormant within ourselves. Only our actions will unleash our restraints. If we want real change, we have to get out of our malaise chaise and stand up for our rights as human beings. In fact, all wars that have ever been fought in the history of mankind happened because of fears, falsities and suppression of freedoms.

Maybe Johnny Depp's many faces do more to express his total depth of character and true selves more than those of us who aren't actors or actresses. Maybe our face is always determined by our situations.  Maybe our face reflects how we really face life. 

An exterior that we call a face.  It is actually a facade.  Well, not always, but most of the time if others are around.  And our facial expression is one major way we communicate.  Trouble is that what shows on the outside isn't always reflecting what is inside.  A lot of us are actors putting on faces for our audience. Ah, so who are we when our outside and inside don't match?  When does our true self show itself to the world?

Not that we are there yet, but consider what lead to past wars and revolutions:

How would we face another D-Day today?

If history books constantly revise the past, where does the truth reside?

Do historians have better perspective years after an event?  

Do historians have to do an about-face every so often to rewrite the truth?

Is this true today?

Do facts and truth always have to be be manipulated to fit some idealistic perfect world order?

Can we humans ever accept reality as inevitable?

Can we ever learn the lessons of the past or are we doomed to relieve our own self-induced hells? 

Will we ever learn our lessons?

  Truth is only relative to one's perspective!

Truth is only relative to one's perspective!

We are all unique, but similar.  All 7.500,000,000 of us live our own reality, perspective, truth and understanding. And we all face each differently. We all face our own personal challenges and fears.  And we all face each other differently though we look the same. Most of us need more face time...and I do not mean only phone calls through an apple device.



Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.22.42 PM.png

Are truth and reality upside down?

Can we actually accept more than one truth?

Studies show that if you imagine running a 100 yard dash, your body will experience it as if you really ran it.

If we can imagine being true self, maybe our reality would change.

Too many conflicting truths and untruths can overwhelm us!

It isn't surprising separating truth from fiction is difficult when...

  • women don't earn pay for equal work?

  • laws discourage compliance and encourage corruption?

  • financial institutions become too big to fail they aren't held accountable?

  • food is often mislabeled to mislead consumers

  • money is the most important message?

  • police / military accounts conflict with eye-witness and videoed accounts?

  • "news" is often captured, cut, encapsulated and sanitized for public consumption?

  • more and more "convicted felons" are found innocent with new DNA evidence?

  • cinema, literature, TV, websites depict, display and distribute gratuitous violence and sex

  • fundamentalists / evangelists / jihadists portray life to extreme?

  • political messages mislead the public?

  • freedoms become restrictions?

  • people believe what suits their reality?

  • people can't face the truth?

  • people deny the truth?

How can credibility, trust, honesty and loyalty ever survive without truth?

Accepting a truth or understanding a truth isn't always easy.  Truth and reality can be pretty scarey. And because what is real and what is imaginary are rarely in sync, they can be quite confusing. One may say, difficult to face. But the irony is that without facing facts, people live lies. And the double irony is that as the lies mount up, the more our facades have tricked us into believing they are real. Untruthful truths, distortions, misinformation, lies, exaggerations, secrets or even some metaphors or "stretchers" often doing life, at best, difficult; at worst, destructive or deadly.

Maybe we can find better ways to face reality!

Let's face it. 

We certainly don't know all the questions;

so we certainly don't know all the answers,

But living the real truth would certainly be a refreshing and positive change. 

Mother, Daughter and Grand Daughters

Mother, Daughter and Grand Daughters

A Presbyterian Sermon

A Presbyterian Sermon