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A Day to Treasure

A Day to Treasure

In 2015 during Mystique's sail through the Exumas, we encountered a special day - one in which not only had ideal weather, but one so full of pleasure, I felt compelled to write two blog posts to dedicate to it.  Here is an account of our afternoon.

During our exploration of Cambridge Cay's Coral Garden, we enjoyed one of many gems in the Exuma Land and Sea Park's treasure trove.  It would turn out to be some of our favorite hours enjoying the Exumas. 

Brenna's pics adds beauty to scenic beauty.

Jared colorfully kayaked across the bay to the Cambridge Cay
south beach where the path lead to the Coral Garden.

We leave the underwater Coral Garden behind us,
but other treats and treasures await us.

Galen panning and spanning the bottom

Jared as aquatic explorer.

One doesn't have to dive too deeply to enjoy how Galen views life.

Ellen always lead the way. 

Back to the beach after our snorkeling.

While the rest of the crew snorkeled along the rocky shore,
Lynne and Brenna had soaked up some Cambridge Cay rays.

Sundry, sandy, sun-soaked sponges all washed up ashore.

Amazed me to discover so many different beach sponges
soaking up the rays rather than the sea.

Walking back to the path.

The shadows may suggest the day's end was drawing near,
but we discovered much more beauty back where we left our dinghy.

Ellen and I sharing a light moment.

Brenn capturing a last closeup of some stone formation.
See what happened the rest of this day: 
A Five-Star Day

Blue Latitudes

Blue Latitudes

Santa Claws at our Beliefs

Santa Claws at our Beliefs