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Sailing Solar Rays

Sailing Solar Rays

Getting Onboard with Sun Power

If the sun isn't charging most of your boat's electrical devices nowadays, it isn't taking advantage of our free, unlimited radiant resource. Here is but a mere sampling of various devices that utilize our sun's radiant rays.

Sailing Solar:

Sail solar panels atop an inflatable.

Sail solar panels atop an inflatable.

 Flexible Solar Panels:

Solar Panel Portable Kit

Marine applications: LuminAid -
Solar Inflatable Light, Semi-Transparent

Solar Cooking: Portable Solar Cooker

Recharging your laptop:                                       

Solar Lighting:

Solar Cleating:

Solar Showering:

Future Solar Sailing: Cat-chy design
Is this really sailing?


Goal Zero 19010 Guide 10 Plus Solar Charging Kit

The Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit is an ultra-lightweight USB and solar charging system that fits in your pocket. It includes the Nomad 7 solar charging panel and the Guide 10 battery charging system. It can be used as a single unit power pack to power your device, or as a power source to recharge batteries for use in AA or AAA battery powered devices.

Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams