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Confusing Lines

Confusing Lines

Line Ups / Pick Up Lines:

If you overhear someone asking someone else, "Do you know your lines?", you might surmise the question to be directed towards an actor, an artist, a singer, a comic, a student, a poet, a dancer, an addict, a referee, a tennis judge, a con man, a bar-room seducer or maybe even a sailor. While you might hear a line, you might also see, smell, touch, taste, ingest, inhale and even recognize or sense one. Depending on the particular line, you could be crying, laughing, dying, flying, following orders, waiting, dancing, walking, tossing or sailing. In fact,lines are so numerous and varied that they could be considered crossing the line between common sense and confusion. For example, boat lines all have other designations like bow, stern, anchor, deck, spring, halyard, sheet, vang, downhaul, outhaul, jack, rode, bridle, trip, guide and reef. What the hell! 

Is there any wonder why humans confuse their lines? Dictionary.com lists 73 different meanings for the word "line" while the Urban online dictionary cites 22 slang meanings and the Sea Talk Nautical dictionary lists 44 variations of the word. That's a total of 139 definitions. Of course, there's wonder - What the hell are you thinking, humans?

"The rhumb line is usually not the shortest distance between two points points". (navigation)

Get in line and dance. "What kind of line is that?"

And then lines can be tied in knots and each knot has as many particular uses as there are line names. Confused yet? Wait until you get on land; lines are just as crazy there. Not unlike fishing lines, some lines are often feeble attempts at "picking-up" or impressing another person. These kind of lines are often made out of desperation...like a hook without a worm....they are just verbal tactics attempting to impress or elicit a positive responses. One example might be "Do you know you remind me of.....insert movie star name?"

Pick-up Line - Boundary Crossing

Line squall

Zip Line

Learning the Ropes: 

Do you know the difference between a rope and a line? A line is also often confused with rope. A line is made out of rope types of materials such as nylon, Dacron, hemp, even wire lines for different jobs. These lines also can be found in varying thicknesses, lengths, strengths and lifespans. Some lines float while others are meant to sink in water.  

Types of Boat Lines:

  • Docking Lines (bow, stern, spring)
  • Sailing Lines (halyards, sheets, guys)
  • Anchoring Lines (rodes, trip)
  • Safety Lines (jacks, guide)
  • Towing Lines (bow, stern)

Line Usage on a Boat:

  • attaching
  • adjusting
  • braiding
  • cleating
  • coiling
  • hanging
  • hoisting
  • holding
  • lasooing
  • leading
  • looping
  • loosening
  • knotting
  • pulling
  • raising / lowering
  • tightening / loosening
  • saving
  • securing
  • splicing
  • tossing
  • tripping
  • tying
  • untying
  • zipping
    "That boat has some really nice lines." (boat design)

"Can I put you on hold?"

"Are you on line yet?"(internet, WiFi)

"Which line raises the sail? (What is a halyard?)

"Dude, that line you took was so sick, gaping that rock section and landing on the backside." (snowboarding)

"What line of work are you in?" (occupation question)

"Are you feeding me some line?" (female response to male pick-up query)

"What's my line?"(actor query to director)

"Who's that on the line?" (phone)

"Sir, can you walk a straight line?"(police sobriety test)

"That line I sn't straight, officer." (response to police sobriety test)

"I will be on line most of the day to finish my research project." (internet)

Here is a place where a live line wire is deadly.

"I'm working on my lines." (electrical line maintenance)

All the Usual Suspects standing in a lineup

"I don't recognize the shooter in that line-up."(witness to a crime)

"That line has been discontinued." (similar product)  

"When the line stops, the workers take a break." (factory assembly line)

"At one time The Mason Dixon Lin symbolized a cultural boundary between 4 states." (border) 

A Modern Family line and line to the bathroom. "Your line of the family tree is a small, but significant  branch." (ancestry)

"Who's that on the line?" (phone)

Line up and stand at attention." (military drill sergeant)

"You can find the lineup for tonight's shows in the TV guide." 

"That comedian has some funny punch

lines and one liners



Guy - Do you have a band-aid? I scraped my knee falling for you.

Girl - Ya I do, but I'm gunna need it in case I ever fall for that line

"The lines around her eyes suggest she hasn't had much sleep." (wrinkles)

"That line is waiting for the Apple store to open."(phone customers-to-be)

"Those Green Bay Packer defensive line men are enormous." (football)

"Your mother plays professional football." (offensive line)

"Get in line" means form a queue of people like what one does when preparing to pay at the checkout counter at the grocery store. Serpentine lines are partially used at airports and banks to make people think they are closer to the front of the line and thus not very far from their destination.

"Can you draw a curved hyperbolic line on a graph?" (geometry)

"Can you draw a line between love and affection?" (difference)

Verification of your having crossed the Equator

"As we crossed the line, we toasted Poseidon/Neptune." (Equator)

"Do you think your line is strong enough to catch a marlin?" (fishing)

"What is Walt Whitman's most famous line?" (poetic verse)

"Have you memorized any of your lines for the part?" (speaking parts in a play)

"Don't cross the line with that teacher. She'll give you a demerit on the spot." (boundary)

"I would like to get her naked and see her line (vagina)

Whose Lineis it Anyway? (comedic ad lib show)

"Line in the sand" is an expression that establishes an invisible boundary....one that someone is dared to cross usually with some sort of dire consequences. 

The longest line a sailboat can sail.




Did You Know?

Line is a Norwegian name for the most awesome girl ever! Line is a very unique and lovable person who is beautiful, intelligent, funny, smart, stubborn, weird, cool, nice and grateful towards her friends. She is a bit awkward, but once you get to know her, she will be an invaluable companion in your life. She loves video games and especially Zelda, which is what she grew up with. You will know it if you know a Line, especially if you're a mature and different guy. She will be the light of your life, and you should do all you can to take care of her. She is a beautiful human being, a flower that needs sun, and you should not let her go. Wow, I've never felt this way about a girl before. She is so amazingly unique and perfect. She must be a Line!

One of the most popular 1950's TV shows: What's My Line? shows how lines of questioning can confuse.







Then there are those who dislike lines:

Two Red Lines

Two Red Lines

Dancing the Flamingo

Dancing the Flamingo