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Knotty Situations Solved

Knotty Situations Solved

Facing Problems

Is that Gilligan motoring his kitchen table?

Does every problem only have limited solutions? When some situations appear hopeless, unsolvable and futile, is it time to "cry uncle" and yield to "I give up"? Maybe in our frustration and/or our limitations, we haven't considered all the options. Maybe we "toss in the towel" too soon.

Sometimes premature resignation or surrender can be an individual's undoing. The annals of human history are replete with examples of individuals not realizing or recognizing the possibilities, and consequently succumbing to defeat with an answer near by. Maybe the resource is hidden on the other side of the island, right under our feet or in the recesses of our heart and mind. Sometimes, if we think "out of the box", brainstorm, consider other options, an alternative action may appear and arrive just in the nick of time.  It is, after all, the limitations of our perceptions and imagination that often determine a solution in time.

Most "accidents" at sea are related to human error. Whether or not skippers, captains or  helmsmen can can envision and create the best solution for any given circumstances is often the applying the best knowledge, expertise and judgment to every situation. Of course, the word "best" is often debatable as "best" varies for everyone because variables such as time, tools, resources, physical/mental strength, conditions, odds/risk, obstacles, assistance, commitment, talents/abilities, experiences and perceptions are all so different to each of us.

Our relationship with the world is defined by our perspective. How we see it, is how we experience it. So, a knot may be an obstacle or an opportunity...or just a knot.

How do you face these problems? 

Tying the Trucker's Knot:

Untying the Gordian Knot

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Some problems have limited solutions. 

Sailing's Karma Ship

Sailing's Karma Ship

My Crew of Authors

My Crew of Authors