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Sharing SailBoat Bloggers

Sharing SailBoat Bloggers


Cruising Families, Couples and Singles


Sailing blogs vary with authors and audience, boat types, their sailing (racers, cruisers, their writing style and format, their subject matter and their purposes. Their photos may simply tell their tales and/or their writings may unveil a heart-felt personal account, an extraordinary exploit, daily log book entries, an impassioned editorial on a sensitive issue; an essay on life at sea, a list of suggestions, an insight into raising kids or fixing engines. Some blogs are pure promotions, information-sharing while others are biographies, autobiographies, photo/video collections, rants and raves. For all their differences, their common theme is their sea passions and boat experiences.

This blog post is a collection of sailing blogs from all over the world sharing their own unique adventures and perspectives. Because each has something worthwhile to share, peruse to your heart's delight. You may find some likeminded souls or more likely some incredible diversity among the families, couples, single-handed and sea-faring romantics.

And because I know I have only experienced a fraction of all the island paradises I want to visit in my life, I am also quite certain I have only discovered or uncovered a few of the great sailing blogs on the sea called the internet.


If you want me to add, eliminate or substitute words, sentences or photos, email me. If you want me to add your blog, write a comment at the bottom of this post or email me. If your blog is no longer active, email me.


Family Bloggers


s/v Wondertime ~ Our family of four cruised aboard our 38' Benford ketch, Wondertime. We departed Olympia, Washington in 2011, sailed north to British Columbia, south to Mexico, and west across the Pacific to New Zealand. We are currently back in the Pacific Northwest.

Controlled Jibe There came a day a few years back when we decided to stop dreaming about the things we wanted to do, and start doing them. We saved up, bought a cheap boat and sailed the high seas for a year. Then we guided for a season in Alaska. We’ve now started a small homestead in the foothills of Bellingham, Washington. Watch as we stumble through our new life on the farm.

Bumfuzzle Pat and Ali have been doing it right for years and have a huge following of readers. They were kid-less and admittedly clueless catamaran sailors nonchalantly circumnavigating the globe with almost no sailing experience. They've since graduated to a race across America in a 65' Porsche, a 60,000 mile road trip in a 58' VW bus, and now parenthood aboard a monohull in Mexico. Pat's photography and writing are top-notch.

Log of s/v Del Viento In our twenties, we traded our boat for a house and our freedom for careers. In our thirties, we lived the American dream. In our forties, we woke and traded our house for a boat, a Fuji 40, and our careers for freedom. And here we are. 

Mike, Windy, and their two daughters are hardcore cruisers. They've covered the West Coast of the United States and Mexico and British Columbia. Mike writes openly and knowledgeably about a variety cruising topics and following the Del Viento blog is watching how their family grows through their cruising experiences. 

Sailing Fulltime with the Faulkner Family ~ In June 2008, we sold everything... our home and our belongings in beautiful Cedaredge, Colorado. The rest we gave away. With the exception of a few family heirlooms we keep stored in a 5x10 storage locker, the only other worldly possessions we own are aboard our sailboat. We have been officially "cruising" since Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2008. We began our cruising life aboard Windfall, our beautiful 35' Cal Cruiser. Because our children outgrew the smaller boat, we sold our 35 footer and moved aboard a larger boat, our 41' Tartan TOCK Hotspur.

Sailing Papillon ~ I live with my husband and kids on a 57 ft yawl named Papillon. Since October 2010 we have sailed from the Chesapeake to the South Pacific, and we are still going strong. I keep a blog about our family adventures aboard, and write for sailing magazines when I can. That is, when I'm not teaching, swimming, cooking or exploring. You can reach me at sailing dot papillon at gmail dot com; I'll be sure to write back when we are in port and can hunt down the internet.

Cruising Aboard Freedom ~ The S/V Freedom is an Endeavour 42 sloop-rigged sailboat. But more importantly, it's our home. We're on an indefinite cruise of the east coast of North America, following the seasons.

Wind Traveler~  Currently back stateside adjusting to life with our newest crew members, twin girls. We'll remain landlubbers until the 2015 cruising season while we work to refill the cruising kitty and adjust to life as a family of five before we head back to the boat, which is waiting patiently for us in the British Virgin Islands.

 Sailing Totem ~ Hi, I'm Behan, and I chronicle the cruising experiences of our family of five here! We sailed away from our home port of Bainbridge Island, Washington in 2008, exploring the Pacific.  The Giffords ~ Authors of 48° North's cruising column, "Lessons Learned While Cruising" ~ www.sv-totem.com

SailFarLiveFree.com ~ has been riding the tradewinds of the Internet to become our treasure chest of sailing inspiration. We write about all things sailing that motivate and educate us to Sail Far and Live Free. Their website started in 2007 as a blog that urged readers to "Follow our family's adventures as we restore an old sailboat (2007), learn to sail (2008) and expand our cruising horizons each day! So far, we've spent summers and 1000's of nautical miles cruising the Great Lakes, including most of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron's fabled North Channel (2010). Someday we'll cast off the dock lines more permanently. Sail far and live free!" You can read our very first blog post here. We're a family intent on making our cruising dreams come true. Our first sailboat was a Helms 25 that we lovingly restored and reluctantly sold. Next was our beloved s/v Island Bound, an Irwin 28. Currently, our Catalina 34 helps us wander the Great Lakes and sometimes lives on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

SV Terrapin ~ Follow Phil, Aimee, Jessica, Emma and their cat, Captain Fluff on their adventures on SV Terrapin, their 1978 45' Dufour 12000 CT Pilothouse Ketch by reading their blog 

S/V Delos ~ Since leaving Seattle in 2008, the S/V Delos crew has sailed about 30,000 nautical miles. Join the sailing adventures of Brian, Brady, Josje and Karin or simply watch and read about their travels.


Cruising Couples


Cruising Down the ICW ~ Since 2007 Ann and Bob Sherer have sailed Fleetwing, a Beneteau 423, between upstate NY and the Keys every year. They often like to leave early in the fall and return early in the spring blazing the trail along the ICW.

Harts' Blog Home Page or Profile Page ~ The Harts have lived aboard a Cheoy Lee Sailboat year-round in Maine for 8 years. In October, 2010 they set sail for the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Join Stormy, Emilie and Cloe (their dog) aboard Hookie at Art of Hookie Blog.

 ~ Bob and Brenda, owners of Pandora, a SAGA 43 cruise aboard part time between Maine and the Bahamas. As a modified snowbird couple, we have cruised together nearly 40 years. 

Sea Changes Sailing Read Dan and Allyson's journal as they cruise the Caribbean.

Sailing Simplicity In 2008 Teresa Carey moved aboard a small sailboat. During the following two years she sailed solo and lived aboard a 27 foot Nor’sea named Daphne with her cat Dory for company. Her focus was to live in concert with the ocean by enjoying its beauty and challenge, exploring simplicity, and drastically reducing her environmental impact. She began writing regularly for her blog titled Sailing Simplicity and the Pursuit of Happiness, which grew to inspire a large audience of simple livers, adventure-seekers, and dreamers and led to multiple keynote speaking engagements such as TEDx, National Women’s Sailing Association, National Pocket Cruiser’s Convention, and Mystic Seaport Adventurer Series.

This Rat Sailed ~ With no sailing experience and coming from a land-locked state, we intend to give up successful careers and embark on a more minimalistic and lower impact lifestyle living on a sailboat. Come along as we attempt to sail away from the rat race. I'm a software engineer living with my wife and two spoiled dogs. I hold a private pilots license and in the past owned a small, single engine aircraft. My wife and I are both PADI certified open water scuba divers. When we started this sailing adventure, other than being passengers, we had no experience on a sailboat. We've taken sailing lessons through the ASA programs in both Colorado and Florida. In December 2013 we purchased our new floating home, a 1999 Leopard 38 catamaran.

Mark and Kathy Rickert ~ Cruising Onboard Carina chronicles our travels while cruising aboard Carina, our 42’ sailing catamaran. We purchased Carina in 2006 as our “retirement boat” and lived aboard her in CT for 4 seasons while continuing to work. We retired in June of 2010. Kathy was a registered nurse in home health care and Mark was a district manager for the CT State Parks system. We are now in our 4th year as full-time live-aboards....cruising as long as and as far as it suits us

One Love ~ The Sweeneys are pros, both at running a tight ship and at having a good time. In their home country of Canada, they ran one of the most successful martial arts gyms in the entire country, evidence that they know the importance of customer satisfaction. Having both earned their black belts in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, it’s obvious that they’re no stranger to hard work. Take a peek at their popular blog and you’ll see that they really should have a black belt in fun!

Lanowind ~ Welcome to our little corner of the internet! Get to know us... Jereme + Kim + Oliver, the dog, as we attempt to navigate a whole new world of sailing! The good, the bad, and the hilarious. And, if you want a taste of how things are done around here, just spend a few minutes perusing our little sailing blog.

Aleria's Great Adventures ~ Alex and Daria, with Onyx their cruising kitty, packed up their Bowman 57 sailing boat and sailed across the Atlantic to Ireland. The winter was cold so the next year they sailed to Spain and Portugal and on to the Caribbean via the Madeiras and Canaries. Then they missed Ireland so they sailed back via the Azores, completing a spiral around the Atlantic. Now they sail here and there, depending on their mood when they pull up anchor. These are a few stories about their continuing adventures.

Fred Roswold Judy Jensen
40,000 miles since leaving Seattle
Serendipity 43 -  s/vWings

Zofia - Sailing Adventures The Bloke and his blog mistress are currently sailing around Australia aboard their yacht Zofia, their Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42D

World Tour Stories ~ While their blog isn't new, the crew of Kintala have just recently left the confines of Great Lake sailing. So far, readers have been treated to a refit of their Tartan 42 and the refinement and learning of sailing skills on inland waters. TJ and Deb are currently in Florida and possibly heading as far as the Keys before long. Next hurricane season they will probably head back North and hopefully to the Bahamas soon.

Our blog - Twiganauten ~ Travel with Peter and Helga aboard their catamaran, Twiga, over vast oceans, foreign countries and quirky ideas. They have sailed together from South Africa to South South America to the Caribbean to the Bahamas to the east coast of the US to Maine and back to Grenada. When they aren't swimming and exploring, Helga writes and illustrates while Peter blogs and fixes things.

Time on the Water ~ "Liberty is being free from the things we don't like in order to be slaves of the things we do like." ~ Ernest Benn.

This blogger has been writing about sailing and life on the water since 1989.

It's Irie In the spring of 2007, Mark, Kali, Darwin and I were looking for a suitable and affordable catamaran to live on, and sail to the Bahamas. We found Irie – then called “Big trouble” – in the Annapolis area, Maryland, thanks to our broker turned friend Tommy Smith, and in June she was ours. We immediately moved aboard (we had been living in a tent and out of a car for a few months up to that point), turned the 35’ sailboat into a cruising catamaran and prepared her to leave the area – which happened in October 2007 when we started our trip down the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) to Florida. 

Read Bruce and Tammy's blog

Katie and Jessie's blog


Solo Bloggers


Proper Course ~ I am a Laser sailor, runner, and grandfather of six, who is slowly coming to terms with the concept that the older I get, the faster I was. Tillerman aspires to "cheat the nursing home and die on his Laser".

Swell Voyage ~ Liz Clark and the Voyage of Swell is simply honest cruising experiences. Liz Clark is a women's collegiate national surfing champion turned solo-sailor and environmentalist. She's sailed solo across the Pacific and writes about a simple way of life.

John Vigor's Blog ~ John's blog appears simple and visually reserved, but his writing is interesting and informative even without pictures or illustrations, so I recommend you have a visit. Many of you probably know John from his many published books (Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You AnywhereThings I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Sailing, etc.). His blog features quick tidbits and great tips all grounded in his vast experience.

Seatalk This blog reports on subjects interesting to mariners, sailors, shipping companies and ships' officers, with a special emphasis on nautical terminology and origins of the seaman's language.

Songwriter/sailor Lowry Olafson ~
"I don't care if it rains."

Captain Howard's Blog ~ An old salt of 70+ years, in search of the perfect margarita and the Holy Grail, sails the California coast and south to Cabo San Lucas.

Erin Russ ~
Author of "Dinghy vs Car?"

Jeanne Socrates ~
S/V "Nereida - 68 year old Grandma on solo circumnavigation; Left Victoria, B.C. October 25, 2010

Jack Van Ommen ~
S/V Fleetwood 
Home Port: Gig Harbor, Wa.


Jason Rose
8 years of cruising
Bellingham to New Zealand

Bellingham, WA
s/v Bodhran - restored 1979 Downeaster 32)

Becky and Denny Flannigan
Tacoma, WA
s/v Kokomo - Sabre 425

Kirsten Rohrbach, Patrick Dayshaw 
Exploring the World at Six Knots
s/v Silhouette

Clifton and Giselle
1978 34' Cal, from Juneau, Alaska
s/v Sound Discovery

Scott Voltz & Connie Bunyer
s/v Traveler

Ron & Heather Reimer
High Seas and Low Latitudes
s/v Sundancer

The Yoders
s/v Yoders Afloat
Traveling and eating with Steve and Lulu

David and Barbara Rogers
Bainbridge Island, WA to Mexico
s/v Zoe ~ Fantasi 44

Mike and Verena
One small boat, two captains  
S/V Camille" - Hunter 380
Portland, OR

Pat & Carole McIntosh
s/v Espiritu
San Francisco

Erlin Loving, Jenn & Minion & boat cat
s/v Ventured

Kelly (M) and Kelly (F) Waterhouse
Departed Everett, WA in 2005
completed circumnavigation in 2009.

Jennie and Dave Wyness
s/v Cypraea

Octavia and Petter
s/v Bella Marina

Eulalie Sullivan and Eric Laschever
S/V Elizabeth Jean

Livia & Carol
Victoria, BC
s/v  Estrellia -Pretorien 35'

Karen Sullivan and Jim Heumann
Port Townsend, WA
s/v Sockdolager - Pacific Seacraft Dana 24

Aaron and Nicole Maraschky
Seattle, WA
s/v Bella Star - Hans Christian 33

Heidi and Terry Kotas
Gig Harbor, WA
S/V Cetus (Fantasia 35)

Brett & Stacey Hoopes
Seattle, Washington
s/v Bella Vita

Michael and Gloria Hanssmann
Vancouver BC
s/v Paikea Mist 



What would love do?

What would love do?

Saved by a Slave Story

Saved by a Slave Story