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Estimating Bill's Iron Will

Estimating Bill's Iron Will

of a 5 act "ploy"

Photo of Mystique taken by TownboatUS showing the wind pushing her up against two pilings in front of the sports fishing boat Iron Will. Note the wind angle (view American flag on topping lift) and wave height.

Bill Moscatellow and I finally spoke about my Mystique drifting into his Iron Will. After I apologized for its occurrence, he told me his dock hand Scott had fended off my boat from hitting his. He mentioned that it was fortunate that there was no major damage.  He also told me he knew someone who could assess the damage where the boats made contact and present a claim estimate.

He asked me for all the pertinent information on the incident ( police report, TowboatUS report, insurance company contact info and photos) which I emailed him. I, in turn, asked him to send me any photos and his damage estimate which he soon did.

Then the plot thickened and the name Manatee Pocket had some double-dealing meanings. The police, my insurance company, claim inspector, independent assessor and me expressed surprise that something was amiss. When TowboatUS and Bill submitted their bills, their estimates failed to estimate a fair estimate of the incident. The inflated damage and costs told me I had drifted into the "fairways" of another realm.  As I was to discover this corruption was just the tip of the iceberg after I entered Florida waters. 

The lifeline is the only part of Mystique that touched Iron Will. How could the lifeline cause so much damage?

A couple of weeks after the incident, I met with Jim Sanislo, the insurance inspector and retired detective, and took him by dinghy to inspect the "damage" to both vessels. He took photos of both and announced that he could observe no damages to either boat. Other than Mystique having a few "brush burns" from the two pilings which kept Mystique away fro hitting any boats and which I could buff out, nothing had happened to my boat.  

As you indicated from the estimate invoice (above) assessed by a friend of Iron Will's owner, the collision caused $9,500 worth of damage to his pulpit. This figure was difficult to fathom as the only part of my boat to touch his was my life lines. It was not only difficult to accept that figure, but also difficult to prove that any damage to his pulpit hadn't already existed.

At this juncture TownboatUS has submitted a $7,500 claim for their 2 1/2 hours of pulling up Mystique's anchor after it had dragged and then towing her a mile to another marina.

$17,000....insurance claims....really?

The plot thickens...

Next Acts:  The investigation and insurance company response.

Act I - "Oh, What a Drag"

Act II - Salvage or Rescue?

Act III - Questionable Estimates

Act IV - Investigation

Act V - Consequences 



Artful Dodgers

Artful Dodgers