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Understanding Soundings

Understanding Soundings

The sea speaks a language polite people never repeat. It is colossal slang and has no respect.
— Carl Sandburg from "Two Nocturnes"

While sailing Long Island Sound, I heard the sound of our hull scraping something solid. It sounded like a rock. But before before I sounded the ship's alarm, I directed our crew to take some soundings.  Only then did they discover nothing but a sound of silence. When I heard some other sounds rise from below deck sounding similar to Julie Andrews' voice singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music." from the Sound of Music, it all sounded a little fishy to me. It all didn't resound with me.  So I began questioning my sound judgment.  If I possessed a sound mind, I would likely have sounded out my options with my first mate, but she thought everything sounded good. Dissatisfied with her response, I gave myself a sound  flogging. I knew this sounding tale may sound absurd, but it is merely the word "soundsounding off.  I thought "How does "sound" now resound?"

Sound has many confusing intentions:

- As a noun, sound means "a noise", "on solid ground" while at the same time "a narrow deep body of water"or "a vibration".  

- As a verb, sound is equally confusing: "to attempt to speak",  "to alert" or "to understand" while also meaning "to take the depth of".

- As an adjective, it doesn't get much better; sound can also suggest "something good", "something suggested" or "something heard", "strong", "solid" or "respectable". 

All of this sounding off makes me hungry for clarity, but isn't this is why blogs exist...to bring resounding sound advice to residents who sleep soundly in houses with sound systems and sound foundations near the Sound?  It is commonplace for people to misunderstand each even when they speak the same language. Of course, understanding is even more challenging when their spoken language differs. 

When people fail to receive the right messages and consequently misread their signs or their meanings, good seldom results.  Animals, plants aka Nature has their own ways of communicating. Unfortunately, humans haven't always been savvy or caring enough to translate accurately.  Language is always and all ways a three-way proposition: speaker - listener - language. What message is sent and then received is always in question. If both parties involved don't communicate accurately with each other, then it should not be surprising why so much turmoil on Earth. 

Since communication is a reciprocal exchange. Understanding is the goal. So the art of sharing information with each other should be one of our main goals in life. 

Just imagine humans learning the sounds of English. A language, a tongue, a way of speaking so we can understand one another.  But this way of communication is but one means for understanding each other.  With thousands of languages, many humans finally are listening to Nature. Still to converse with and understand all life forms, humans need to learn and listen to animal, plant and Nature-speak.  This seems critical if we are going to save our planet from ignorance and anger.

 We are made of water; H20 is talking to us. Are we listening well enough to save life? 

We are made of water; H20 is talking to us. Are we listening well enough to save life? 

It is one thing to speak to water; it is still another to listen to what it says to us.  Mankind is smart enough to hear water's voice. But the jury is still in session about whether or not it can understand its actions. If humans don't start to comprehend what water is saying to them, they may not have their survive. Maybe mankind has to change the way it sees Nature.

It is one thing to speak to water; it is another to listen to what it is saying to us. Can we hear water's voice? Are we capable as humans to understand her calling us to understand her?

Of course, we are! We just have to be willing and receptive to Nature.

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