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Bimini's Healing Hole

Bimini's Healing Hole

Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth?

North Bimini, Bahamas

Waiting patiently for a couple of days for a weather-window to cross the Gulf Stream to Lake Worth, Florida, Mystique's crew took a 3-hour guided dinghy tour to a natural hot spring lithium pool in the midst of 10 square miles of dense mature mangroves east of North Bimini.

After an hour-long outboard-engine dinghy ride along a deep mile-long channel, across a two mile- wide-open-stretch of shallows, a circuitous 3-mile route through a circuitous mangrove, we tied the dinghy and waded another hundred yards through a narrow 2' - 4' deep and 3'- 4' wide jungle stream towards a rejuvenation bath. We came here to come clean...and leave cleaner.

Wading through the mangroves towards the lithium bath.

Immediately before we left the dinghy, Joel, our French guide from Montreal, told us if we encounter sharks near the end of the route that we should spread our legs and let them swim between them. He mentioned that these maine predators might be spooked and nervous by humans entering into the pool.  So we had to provide an escape route for them.  Ironic how I now imagined we all kept our legs wide open as the nervous ones entering shark-infested waters.  While Joel lead the way through the roots and mud, I brought up the rear of our foursome. Feigning that with the only underwater camera, that I could take better photos by being last in line. I could take some pix of the sharks leaving. The real reason had something to do with having some warning that sharks were swimming towards me under my crotch. As we soon discovered, the sharks weren't home. Darn!

Bimini's dredged canal leading towards our destination to the distant right.

Joel, our guide, and Greg conversing as we crossed the shallows.

The water started to turn clear yellow the deeper we travel into the mangroves.

Lunch stop at the memorial for Martin Luther King.

MLK statue in honor of his visit to the Bimini islands and his humanitarian contributions

Facing eastward we entered a shallow bay on the other side of the mangroves.

Yellow will turn to red as we close in on the pool.

The root system we waded through to reach the warm spring.

The pool had ropes we could balance on while we soaked in the reddish, warm lithium.

A red crab crawling the lithium pool branches.

Joel assuming an Apocalypse Now movie pose.

The red mud as we departed the pool.

As we returned to the dinghy, the air felt so cold, we were shivering as if we had hyperthermia.

Cruising North Provo

Cruising North Provo

Caring for Remy

Caring for Remy