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Cruising North Provo

Cruising North Provo

Sapodilla Sunset and Little Water Cay

Provo, Caicos

January 4, 2014

Our first evening with a new crew (Rose) on our second voyage amongst the Caicos Islands, we anchored Mystique at Sapodilla Bay on the southern side of Provideciales. This voyage would start out by our sailing northward through Wiley's Cut in the reef around Provo and slip in behind the reef that stretches out along the northern Grace Bay coast and continue northeastward to leading edge of North Caicos.

Lynne, Brenna and Rose aboard Mystique for a dinner while anchored in Sapodilla Bay, Providenciales.

A para-sailer prepares to go airborne near the reef at Grace Bay.

A long shot view of Mystique taken from the second deck of Shadows,
a cafe on the grounds of the Coral Garden Resort.

Mystique's view of the marine park at Little Water Cay (Iguana Island).

Sunset in the strong westerly ebbing current between Mangrove and Little Water Cays.

Sunrise in the strong westerly ebbing current between Mangrove and Little Water Cays.

A Rose lining the beach and wading the shallows at Little Water Cay.

Brenna swimming off the beach at Little Water Cay, Princess Alexandra Marine Park.

Some of the limestone beachrock along Little Water Cay (Iguana Island),
once home to 50,000 iguana.

Brenna and Rose wade along the shore of Little Water Cay.

Brenna and Rose pose for a pic at the dinghy with Mystique 
about a hundred yards off shore at Little Water Cay.

Our outboard had to be tilted forward with only 2 feet of water
the hundred yard flats to shore....we could have walked! it!

Looking out for Mystique.

Mystique all alone in front of Mangrove Cay, north Provideciales.

Sea Song Videos Continued ~ J's

Sea Song Videos Continued ~ J's

Bimini's Healing Hole

Bimini's Healing Hole