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Excitement to Resentment

Excitement to Resentment

My retiring to the Caribbean decision in 2010 generated a variety of reactions from friends, family and acquaintances.  For me, retirement from work was far from difficult. In fact, escape obligation and responsibility is freedom.  I loved my work; because it never felt like a burden; it was in many ways a passion. My vocation was an actually asn avocation.  I worked at what I loved so retirement as more of the same, but better. A career in education as a teacher and a business owner of a tutoring company gave me a deep appreciation for learning. Retirement would be more educational than ever. I would be following another passion and adding one powerful feature.  While I retired, I actually retired from a lifestyle commitment and schedule. When I left that life behind, I embraced a freedom and flexibility that I had not experienced since I was a child.

"Congratulations"- an outboard boat salesman

"Boy, I am so jealous."- a parent client

"You are doing what? Are you crazy?"  - skeptical parent

"Where are you going to live?" - a former landlord

"You mean you are leaving the country for ever?" - a brother

"Twist my arm and I will go with you." - an adult female cousin my age

"Congrats on your decision!"- ex-fraternity brother 

"Won't you be bored?" - an acquaintance

"Can I come, too?" - a retired teacher

"What are you going to do all day to keep yourself busy?" -a retired teacher

"How long are you staying?" - a student

"Is your wife joining you?"- a doctor's assistant

"How did you make it happen? - a bank accountant

"Aren't you scared?" - a young mother with 3 children

"Make sure you go to the Last Resort." - college teammate - varsity lacrosse team 

"When you end up on a coral reef, you'll be back." - a close friend

"When are you coming back?"- ex-client

"When are you leaving?" - my 32 year old daughter

"When can I come visit?" - ex-colleague

"How can you leave everything behind?" -  a friend

"Good for you; that's what I want to do when I retire." - a business associate

"It's about time." - a lifelong friend for 50 years

"You really are going to do it." - an ex-girlfriend

"Can you afford it?" - my tax accountant

"Aren't you scared of the pirates?  - a parent client

"I imagined that's where you would go. It suits you." - anadult sailing student

"Aren't you going to be bored?"- a venture capitalist

"I am so jealous." - a dental hygienist

"Way to go, Dad."- my 28-year old son

"Good for you. Everyone wants to do something like that, but few ever do."- a parent client

"Can we return to the states for the change of seasons?" - a lover

education interference.jpeg

As you can see, the variety of sunsets and sunrises reveals a spectrum of perspectives from outright excitement to downright resentment.

To give this list, or any list like it, a true view of the range of attitudes, I should have videoed or at least recorded their voices, facial expressions and body language.

Celebrating 67

Celebrating 67

What-if Drills

What-if Drills