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Wacky Races

Wacky Races

In 1977 on a typically hot, humid, windless July 4th weekend in Oxford, MD, a small group of diehard sailors competed in the first (or last?) annual Wacky Races held at Bachelor's Point Marina. I am not sure if the event ever had enough staying power to be held another summer, but it sure was fun and wacky.

The regatta featured 3 races: 

  1. Sailing race (only sail-propulsion)
  2. Paddle race (only an object other than hand-paddling may propel the craft)
  3. Treasure Hunt race (any propulsion other than an actual motor may propel the craft)

John Todd, Jr/s craft, n Aluminum Foil, out-paddled the Doggie catamaran paddlers

Were you there? I have tried to identify some of those contestants in the photos, but still looking for request help from anyone who recognizes or possesses a memory that extends that far in the past to identified. Please send names to spindrft4200@gmail.com

The rules were quite strict to enter the competition. All crafts had to have enough buoyancy to compete above water. No submersibles were allowed. All competing floatables or flotsam had to have almost no value, considered worthless by any monetary standards and cost almost nothing to construct. All vessels needed to have at least one actual live human and no more than 30 on board. No dummies or human substitutes would qualify. And finally, all craft had to have been constructed within a fortnight before the start of the first race.

Steve Requardt trying to catch up to Ebby and Nancy DuPont on Umbrella boat paddling with dagger board.

On the far shore the throngs of spectators ( maybe 25 lost souls) await the winners, survivers and all those still afloat at the finish line.

No Escaping Irma

No Escaping Irma

Whale Tales and Whoppers

Whale Tales and Whoppers